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In the future, everyone will become physically 19 or 20.  No one will age.  No one will be handicapped or bear disease.  Everyone will be spiritually and physically healthy.

According to the Torah's tradition, resurrection (reviving of the dead) will become possible in the future.  Hospitals will all provide eternal life machines and super magnetic flux circulators in order to revive the dead.   Souls will be drawn back to the bodies after the bodies are fully repaired.   If we only have remnants of the vertebrae of our dead ones, we still can clone the entire bodies back, including the past memories, and revive them.  We will never miss our love ones again!

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In the future, due to gnentic engineering of plants, crops will be harvested once a month instead of once a year.  According to Jewish prophets, in the future a grape tree will have one thousand branches, and on each branch a thousand grapes.  Each grape will be as big as orange and will produce its own wine. Trees which do not bear fruits today will bear delicious fruits once a month.  And fruits can be engineered to taste like bread, meat, and fish and will be rich in protein among other essential nutrients.  3 feet square of land will produce half ton of food per year.   Plants will be engineered to be superior in survival. Fertility in the future will be so miraculous that there will be no more poverty and crime.  Money will be abandoned..  People will eat the crops they plowed by themselves or by their robots (servants).  There will be no more war. 

A Ming dynasty's prophet Shou Kang Jet quoted a few words concerning the last days of earth as follows "Silver and gold are treasures.  But they become useless.  Silver and gold truly are treasures.  For nobody will dig them anymore."

LOVE5.GIF (3652 bytes) Then the greedy, the wicked, the super-rich, and the powerful will regret their negative viewpoints on life.  They believed money and power are everything.  Stepping other people down is the way to climb up.   Now they know there is something more beautiful than money and power, and that is "HOPE". 

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This is my dream.  I believe our future is like this....   It's not "Is it possible?"  It's "We must make it possible."  After all, our goal on earth is to learn to live in harmony.   God's job is to create us.  Our job is learn how to live and love.


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Q. What is the most beautiful thing in life?
Answer: Hope.

Q. What is the ugliest thing in life?
Answer: Give up.

There is no real teaching. There is only real learning. And real learning is learn to do good.

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