I am looking for the messiah. 

In order to prove that you are the messiah, name 3 mistakes on this world corporation plan.  Then Email me those mistakes to webmaster@alexchiu.com   If you have correctly named these 3 mistakes, you are the messiah promised in the bible.

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In this episode, Alex tells you how his 'world corporation' can unite the entire world and end all wars once and for all.   The entire world will have only 1 army.  March 19, 2009

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How to unite the entire world.  'The world corporation plan'

copyrighted 2000 by Alex Chiu

In the near future, USA will fight a nuclear world war 3 with China.

USA will challenge China.

Both sides will be severely destroyed.  People are finally tired of war.   It doesn't matter who wins or who loses.  People want the war to stop.  

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If a nuclear bomb has been dropped on New York, the entire state will become a waste land where nobody dares to live for the next 50 years.  Nobody dares to go to New York to pick up the rotting corpses because people are afraid of radiation.  Lots of people who lived in Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey move to the west because they are afraid of radiation.   So when a nuclear war finally happened, people will agree that there cannot be another nuclear war.

That's the time we should incorporate the countries which participated in world war 3.   Consolidate the strongest countries like USA, China, Russia, and Japan into one corporation.  These countries can no longer declare war against each other.   Another word, these nations become one single country, the corporation of the world. 

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For example, USA, China, Russia and Japan are consolidated into one huge corporation.  This is the birth of the first world's corporation.  We grant the dictator of China 3 % of the corporation shares.  We grant the United States president also 3 % of corporation shares.  The Japanese prime minister or the Russian president will also receive 3 % of the corporation shares.  When the corporation goes public, they all become billionaires!

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