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3.jpg (1650 bytes) Watch Alex Chiu's YouTube videos on 'How the entire world can be united by a world corporation.' 

In this episode, Alex tells you how his 'world corporation' can unite the entire world and end all wars once and for all.   The entire world will have only 1 army.  March 19, 2009

Part1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

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Once China joins the corporation, China no longer owns her army.  Her army now belongs to the corporation.  Once USA joins under the corporation, she also no longer owns her army.  Her army belongs to the corporation.  Russia and Japan also must grant their armies to the corporation.  The head agency of the corporation, an organization which contains representatives from each country, has total control of the army.  The head agency cannot declare a war on another country without 75 % of the citizens' votes.  The head agency only has the right to declare a war on a country which physically invaded the corporation.  The head agency will switch soldiers around the world.  For example, we transfer 20,000 Japanese soldiers to Russia, transfer 40,000 Chinese soldiers to USA, transfer 40,000 US soldiers to China, and transfer 30,000 Russian soldiers to Japan.  The transferring of soldiers from country to country insures that nobody fights against another corporation member.  The head agency will be totally controlled by voters.  There will be no dictators. 

NUK6.GIF (10246 bytes)

When the leaders of other countries realize that the corporation leaders are all becoming extremely wealthy, they will also want us to incorporate their countries.  The corporation owns the greatest military in the world.  Who ever joins the corporation will be protected by the corporation's military.  Nobody dares to mess with the corporation.  We will incorporate every part of the world.  We will consolidate 4 to 5 countries into a corporation until every country in the world is incorporated.   There will be many corporations, but there is only one head agency which owns every corporation's military.  Thus the entire world can truly be united into one.   No more warfare.  True peace to all!

There is only 1 head agency, and it owns the military of every corporation.

Corporation A

USA, China, Russia, Japan

Corporation B

Germany, England, France, Austria, Italy

Corporation C

Israel, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey

Then the head agency will mix soldiers from countries to countries, and from corporations to corporations.

 NUK9.GIF (7333 bytes)

It's just like the New York Stock Exchange!   Your company is incorporated, and you become a multi billionaire!  Again.   You are not selling your country.  You are just saving the world by making peace!

We turn this
soldiergun.jpg (16227 bytes)

A soldier at war.

blue_rarrow.gif (11135 bytes)

Into this!
stocksmb.gif (3068 bytes)stockee.gif (3853 bytes)

Killing, invasion, and suppression will be so out of style.  The World-Corporation is the way of the future!!!  Every leader wants to look like a gentle billionaire in the future; as prestigious as the British royal family, and as handsome as an university professor.

ag_tri.gif (1156 bytes)So if China is incorporated, do the Chinese have to obey the Americans and solve their human rights problems? 

One thing extremely good about the corporation is that if the CEO of a corporation does well, he gets to keep his job.  If citizens are satisfied, the education is improving, the economy is growing, and all other conducts are functioning well, corporation's share value goes up and investors earn money.  The CEO can keep his job and will get a raise or be granted more shares.  But in contrary, if the corporation does poorly, the CEO or other important officers can be replaced.    The head agency also has CEOs.  If the entire world does not do well, the head agency's CEOs can also be replaced.  Nobody can be dictator or be king unless if he does well.   No CEO dares to run his own corporation down the drain because the CEO also has shares in the corporation.  So money becomes the main motivation for our future politicians to improve our society.

NUK7.GIF (13737 bytes)

In the near future, there is no more war.  Citizens around the world save trillions of tax dollars because arm race will come to a stop.   Politicians will love to improve the society because when they do, they earn more money.  The entire world becomes a huge family.  There will only be peaceful negotiations between nations.  Wars will seize forever.  So if your country joins the corporation, you will receive the benefits listed below:

Isaiah 2:3-5   There will be peaceful negotiations between the nations.  And people will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks.  Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.



Are you the messiah?      Since Alex Chiu IS NOT the messiah, the messiah could be YOU!

World Corporation & messiah FAQ

The true messiah must use this plan!

(The messiah could be you.)

Here's why:

What is the easiest way to identify the messiah?

ANSWER:  Whoever can convince the first 4 or 5 nations to join the corporation is the messiah.  If you can somehow convince China, USA, Russia, and other key countries to form a corporation, you definitely are the messiah without any doubt.  You then deserve the credit.

Trust me, this is the only way for the messiah to become the messiah.  If you don't believe in what I say, you better start a cult and pray to Jesus or something.  If you want to unite the world, you have to be political.

109 countries joined the United Nations.   Maybe the messiah is a person who will somehow transform the United Nations into the World Corporation?  Actually, I think the messiah only needs to convince the first 4 or 5 countries to join the corporation.  Once a few most important countries have joined, other countries will follow sooner or later.

whoismessiah.jpg (14701 bytes)

The messiah can be anybody.  He can be a homeless guy who's sleeping in the park right now.  He could be a famous movie star.  He could even be living in your town.  But once he shows up, the entire world will notice his magic touch!

When will the messiah appear?

ANSWER:  I believe the messiah will appear before 2010.  And here is proof:

The followings are some Chinese prophecies from the book 'Tuey Bei Tu'.  This prophecy book has accurately documented Chinese historical events ever since the Tong dynasty.   Out of its 60 prophecies, 55 prophecies have already been fulfilled in the order how actual events have occured.  There was never a single wrong prediction nor a prediction occured in wrong order until today.  This is the most accurate prophecy book of China.


p54.gif (2282 bytes)


Poem # 54

Tienanmen Square Massacre (year 1989)

Messy, a deadly result, a peaceful ending.  People laugh but cry.

They don't think logically.   Shave the hair, peal the skin, and still act tough. 

The cow in this picture represents the stubborn Chinese government.  The kids holding sticks are protesting students.   'Shave the hair, peal the skin, and still act tough' means students were wearing pajamas and fasted for a week'.  

p55.gif (2546 bytes)

Poem 55

Prophecy of Chen Shui Bien rising to power in Taiwan in year 2000 (the current Taiwanese president)

"Afraid therefore cautious.  A woman beside the water, bowing down to the sun.  Every move must be careful because there are other officials watching.  Turns danger into safety and become brothers.  Who said I will lose my country?"

Any Chinese who read this poem will tell you that this poem is talking about Chen Shui-Bien.  This poem has pointed out Chen Shui-Bien's name and has pointed out that the vice president is a woman.  This poem has precisely described Chen's psyche and his administration's agenda.

President Chen's first name 'Shui-Bien' means water surface.  'A woman beside the water bowing down to the sun' means Chen's vice president is a woman and she will visit Japan and chant for Japanese war criminals in a war criminal temple, which she did. 

Chen believes that he can somehow turn danger into safety.  That's why Chen has tried more than 50 times to start a peace talk with China, but China has refused to talk.  China wants Chen to admit that Taiwan is part of China, but Chen refuses to admit.


The next disturbing poem predicts a nuclear holocaust between two superpowers.  The only possibility for this to happen is that Taiwan declares independence and draws United States into war with China.  This will happen before 2008 because Chen Shui Bien finishes his 2nd term before 2008,.

p56.gif (2562 bytes)
An image of 2 soldiers, each standing on a continent.   The 2 continents are separated by the ocean.  They do not use their hand held weapons.  They only spew fire at each other.  Two fish jump out of the ocean, and two birds are flying against each other.

Poem 56 

Nuclear holocaust

Flyers are not birds, swimmers are not fish,
A war does not depend on soldiers.  It's a game of technology.
Millions of miles of deadly smoke, on top a mushroom and at bottom a fountain.
A sight out of people's imagination.  Big trouble not solved, but greater trouble arrives.

'On top a mushroom and at bottom a fountain' is an image of a nuclear explosion.

p57.gif (1914 bytes)
An image of messiah pouring out the fire with water.

Poem 57  

The messiah stops the war and rescues the world

In an extreme situation, things turn around.  A three-feet tall kid, made all nations bow down.

When Blue West and Red East struggle, a son of God appears, a gentleman who brings peace and stops the killing.

p58.gif (2238 bytes)

Poem 58 

New World Order

Big trouble is over, and all foreigners gave in.  Become brothers.  Six - seven countries. 

Millions of miles without noise nor waves. Become brothers, become friends, and peaceful again.   Only remaining danger lies in north-west, thus we still cannot sing a global song of peace.

p59.gif (1846 bytes)
An image of a man pulling a straw out of a cup.   (This straw and cup thing is a kind of Chinese oracle.)  This image indicates that this man will do things according to God's will.

Poem 59 

The messiah rules the entire world in harmony

No castles, no walls.  No my, no yours.
The entire world becomes one family, prosper throughout the globe.

   One man for the entire world's joy,  Follows God's will and prospers the world.
Red, yellow, black, white all together.  North, East, South, West in total harmony.

Here is another proof which shows that the messiah will appear around 2010:

The antichrist has already appeared.  This is what Bush told Bob Woodward (The author of Bush's War) in an interview:

"Most Presidents have high hopes.  Some have grandiose visions of what they will achieve.  I will seize the opportunity to achieve big goals.  There is nothing bigger than to achieve world peace."

So Bush thinks he is the messiah.  He must be the antichrist.

In October 2003, Israel attacked a territory of Syria, and Bush's comment was that Israel has the right to defend herself.  So the antichrist (Bush) made a covenant with Israel in October 2003, which started the 7 years tribulation period.  At the end of the tribulation period (around 2010), the true messiah will appear all of a sudden like a thief in the night.  The messiah will unite the entire world by spewing sharp sword out of his mouth.  This means he will persuade all nations to unite under him, and his mouth will be his only weapon.

So think about that.  What plan will allow the messiah to persuade the nations to unite peacefully in around 2010?  I am not talking about just a few nations.   The bible says that the messiah will unite the ENTIRE WORLD PEACEFULLY.

So World War 3 will happen in just a few years.  The messiah needs a feasible plan which both USA and China will accept.   And according to prophecies, the plan must enable the messiah to unite the entire world PEACEFULLY.  So a simple nuclear disarmament won't work.  A 'League of Nations' or 'United Nations' type of simple organization won't work.  Trust me, the world corporation plan is the messiah's final plan.  If you disagree, you have to invent your own plan before 2010.


Alex Chiu is not the messiah because Alex simply doesn't have the capability of convincing key nations to join the corporation.  If you think you have the ability to convince the key nations to join the corporation, don't waste your talent.   If you don't want this position, I guarantee you that somebody else will take it before you even make up your mind.  First come, first serve!

I am sure that the European Union will join the world corporation after USA, China, and Russia have joined the corporation.  Then the rest of the world will join in one by one.

If you are slick enough to make USA, China, and Russia join, you definitely are the messiah without a doubt.  So the messiah must be an excellent salesperson.

How can I be sure that Alex Chiu's plan will work?

ANSWER:  If you do a search on Google for the word 'Elijah', you will find out that Elijah is the prophet who will anoint the messiah.   And according to Jewish tradition, Elijah will establish physical immortality on Earth.   If you don't believe me, do a search on Google.   I have both the Immortality Rings and the World Corporation Plan.  Most religious leaders got nothing, but I got solid stuff.   In Malachi 4: 5, God said, "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord."

Why did God say Prophet Elijah will return to Earth?

ANSWER:  According to Jewish tradition, Elijah was the greatest of all prophets.  (Moses was the most accurate of all prophets, not the greatest.)  God meant to say a man with very high ability will come to aid the Messiah.


Prophet Daniel has prophesied word for word about the world corporation in the bible!!!


In the book of Daniel, 2:44, it was written:

The world corporation does break into pieces, and each piece incorporates 4 or 5 different countries.  And the world corporation will one day consume the entire world.  'The kingdom shall not be left to other people.' means the entire world will become one family.  So the eternal kingdom of God described by Daniel is actually the world corporation.  How else can Daniel describe the world corporation?   And I tossed the I-Ching coins, and God told me a messiah will arrive to help me fulfill this plan during a war started by China, Taiwan, and USA.   By the way, you can search the entire internet if you want.  Nobody knows how to unite the world except Alex Chiu. 

This world corporation plan may not be altered in any way.

You don't need to act against the prophet's words just to show that you are the boss.  The prophet is your most trusted counsel because he has the ability to predict the future.  Please trust what the prophet has told you.  Do not alter this plan, and you shall do just fine.  The reason why Saul has been rejected by the Lord is because he didn't listen to Prophet Samuel.  The reason why David's son rebelled against him is because David refused to listen to the prophet's instructions.  So make sure you listen to the prophet in order to secure your crown.   Remember.  The prophet only wants to help you establish your kingdom.  So don't treat the prophet as your rival.  If you want to be king, you must not let your pride destroy your relationship with the prophet.   Without the prophet, there is no messiah.  Without the messiah, there is no prophet.   

This is what Alex Chiu guarantees you:

What does the messiah do?  Describe the daily job of the messiah.

ANSWER:  He will encourage poor and wealthy nations to join the corporation by promising that the world-corporation will either modernize, improve, or protect their nations.  The messiah will utilize the wealth and power of the corporation to make sure people in every country are living well.   He must literary fly to each country to make sure that people have enough water to drink, enough food to eat, breath clean air, encourage population control, encourage wild life protection, etc.  For example, he has to develop affordable water and electricity plant for poor countries by using the corporation's funding.  His corporation has to hire engineers and scientists for many projects.  He has to fly to each job site to inspect the construction.  He has to encourage the leaders of nations to work with him in order to improve people's living standard.  He has to work hard for at least 100 years until every corner of the world has been beautified.   He has to turn deserts into green jungles.  He has to turn waste lands into rich soils.  He has to turn a poor nation which nobody wants to go into a popular vacation resort.  Yes, the messiah is kind of like the gardner of the world.  He must make sure that every inch of land is green and every stream of water is clear.   The messiah is the composer of a symphony.  He must make sure that every hand is pulling the right cord.  This is a tough job.  Alex Chiu just wants to stay home and feed his cat.  If you think Alex Chiu will do those dirty job for the messiah, you must be insanely out of your mind.  You have to finish the job.

QUESTION:  What benefit does Alex Chiu receive from this plan?

ANSWER:  I just want the messiah to grant me a few hundred acres of land, a big fat bank account, and some corporation shares so I can live my life comfortably.  I don't like politics.   In fact, I failed my political science class in college because I kept falling asleep in that class. So I have no intention of becoming a politician. 

Royal Family?

Let's say you are the president of USA. If you let USA join the world corporation, you will become a royalty after you step down from office. Your family will become the royal family of USA. So you become 'king of USA' or 'duke of USA'.

Just like the royal family of England or Japan, your family has no real political power. But who doesn't enjoy being royalty?

The president of China becomes the 'Lord of China' or 'Emperor of China' after he steps down from office.

Your family will receive millions of dollars from the government each year just because your family is the royal family. Nobody can take away your title, not even the corporation. If you pass away, your son or daughter becomes the king or the queen. Your family will receive royal money forever and ever. The corporation will provide your family royal guards and a palace. You won't have true political power, but you will live like a king forever. Celebrities and important political figures from other countries must visit you first when they enter your country. Isn't that cool?

Let's say you are the prime minister of Japan. If you decide to let Japan join the corporation, you cannot become the emperor of Japan because an emperor already exists. But you can become 'the duke of Japan'. Your family will become the 2nd most important royal family of Japan.

Local government cannot put you in jail or hurt you in any way just because they do not agree with your political point of view since your family is protected by the world corporation troops.

This royalty plan will speed up the growth of the world corporation. Lots of countries will join the corporation in a very short time because everyone wants to become royalty. Who is stupid enough to reject this offer? If you don't want to be royalty, the next president's family will become the royal family. I think the entire world will become one empire within 20 years if we let the leaders become royalties.  This plan is so smooth!  The entire world will become a peaceful world within 20 years!!!

The messiah's family will also become a royal family.   Needless to say, the messiah's family is the most important royal family in the world.

If a country is governed by 2 leaders, both leaders will become royalties. So there will be 2 royal families.

World Corporation & messiah board

There are already a few who want to dominate the world using the World Corporation Plan.  Visit their web sites!

This is my idea of a united earth.  Below is the pure text version.  If you are interested in this idea, you must read on because the text version presents this idea in greater detail. 

The World Corporation

Copyrighted 2000 by Alex Chiu
Every new version of this essay is registered in the U.S. Copyright Office

How do we unite the entire world and enjoy global peace? I believe that this is how it will be brought:

Soon there will be a big war coming. The entire world will be drawn into a miserable war. Then people will be tired of the war, and everyone will beg for global peace.

The only solution to bring total peace to the world is to incorporate the entire world. Just like how we incorporate a business, we must first incorporate a few of the most powerful and the wealthiest countries. For example: USA, China, Russia, and Japan. We use incorporation to bring these superpowers together putting a stop to another major war.

How come incorporation will bring peace? Simple. First, if you are not familiar with how a corporation works, I must explain to you the mechanism of a corporation and how it distribute money to its investors. Let's say that Brandy Bunch Lemonade is incorporated and was offered to the public, if Brandy Bunch Lemonade Inc. seems promising to investors, investors will invest. The corporation's stock value goes up, and share holders earn money. But in contrary, if the corporation does not profit and destroys its image, share holders will sell their shares resulting devaluation of the stock value. Share holders lose money. After a great war, (WW III which is coming up very soon) we can suggest the few major superpowers to incorporate into one. Will the leaders and dictators be willing to join the corporation? Yes! The key leaders and decision makers of each country will receive handsome shares of this huge world corporation. Another word, we have to buy the decision makers out with the corporation shares. For example, the president of United States, dictator of China, leader of Russia, and Prime Minister of Japan will each receive 3% of the total corporation shares. Judges, senators, and other key decision makers, etc. will each receive up to .5% of the corporation's total shares. These key leaders and decision makers will be more than willing to incorporate. They know that if this world's biggest corporation, the corporation made up of four or five of the world's most powerful or wealthiest countries, once goes IPO (Initial Public Offering), lots of people will invest their money. The stock value of the world's most dependable, most promising corporation will shoot straight up overnight. The dictator of China, the president of US, the leader of Russia, and the prime minister of Japan, etc. will all become instant MULTI billionaires. Even the judges, senators, and secondary decision makers who each received no more than .05% of the corporation shares will probably become billionaires overnight. When this world's biggest, most dependable corporation goes on the market, lots of people from all over the world will buy its stocks. All these key leaders of the countries which has joined the corporation will become instant billionaires without a doubt.

But wait a second.... Why would people invest in this world corporation? How does this world corporation earn its money in order to attract investors? The answer is that if the newly formed world corporation does will, the central government of the corporation can receive more tax money. Part of the tax money will be served as dividend (profit) and will be given to the share holders. And best of all, IT'S TAX FREE. Since buying the government corporation's stock is considered as buying a government bond, investors don't have to pay any tax from what they earn.  By the way, this investment is tax deductible!

Once the corporation is formed, there will be a central agency established to serve as the supervisor of the corporation.  This agency, an organization which contains representatives from every member country, will have power over all militaries of all countries that have joined under the corporation. The agency does not have the right to declare war on another country which is outside of the corporation. The agency only has the power to mix the soldiers from all countries under the corporation. For example, the agency will put 40,000 US soldiers in Russia, transfer 50,000 Russian soldiers to China, dispatch 100,000 Chinese soldiers into USA and Taiwan, and settle 30,000 Japanese soldiers in China. This mixing of soldiers from different member countries is designed to bring real peace to the inside of the corporation so that member countries will not be able to declare war on another member anymore since their soldiers are mixed up.

As mentioned earlier, the agency has no power to declare war on another country outside of the corporation UNLESS 75% of the corporation citizens vote for war. The agency, without a vote, has the right to dispatch soldiers in order to defend the corporation if the corporation is under an attack by another country.

So basically, out of the total shares of a newly formed corporation, around 20% of the shares will be used to buy out key leaders of different countries so that they will be willing to sell their countries to the corporation and become corporation members. Around 80% of the shares will be sold to investors a little by little until all 80% of the corporation is sold out. It will take more than 100 years to sell 80% of the corporation, so there is plenty of room for investors. The corporation will be offered to public immediately after incorporation so that the leaders can earn money instantly. One corporation will be composed of no more than five or six countries. The agency mentioned earlier will supervise the corporation. After the major powers, like USA, Russia, China, Germany, Japan, has been incorporated together, the agency will further corporate every country in the world, five or six countries a corporation, until every single country in the world is under the agency. The agency has the power to mix the soldiers from corporations to corporations. The mixing of soldiers will insure that countries will not be able to raise swords against other countries anymore.


There is only 1 head agency, and it owns the military of every corporation.

Corporation A

USA, China, Russia, Japan

Corporation B

Germany, England, France, Austria, Italy

Corporation C

Israel, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey

Then the head agency will mix soldiers from countries to countries, and from corporations to corporations.


After incorporation, the laws of a country might change or might not change. Let's say that India and few other middle east countries were incorporated into one. If India's sultan still supports the law of cutting off robbers' hands or feet, nobody will invest in the corporation because investors don't see a future in such an underdeveloped country. The corporation's stock value will drop, and everybody loses money. Indian's sultan will soon change his mind because he owns 3% of the corporation. If the sultan wants the value of his shares to double, he better abolish the law of cutting off people's arms and legs in order to protect corporation's image. If the Indian sultan does not care about money and still insists to cut off people's arms and legs, the share holders of the corporation can volt against India and kick India out of the corporation!  Then the head agency has to put India into another corporation that is willing to accept India.  So basically, share holders cannot directly affect the laws of a particular country.  The most they can do if they don't like a particular country is kick the country out of the corporation.  The head agency of course will help investigate a troubled corporation and will help resolve any existing problem. 

The head agency itself is also a corporation composed of all corporations of the world.   It is an organization which contains representatives from every member country.   Each time five or six countries consolidate into a new corporation, the agency will receive three percent of the total shares of the newly formed corporation. The more corporations established by the agency, the more tax the agency receives, thus richer the agency becomes. The agency will also go public so that private investors can plunge their money into the agency. If the entire world does well, the agency's stock value goes up, and everyone who has shares of the agency makes money. But if the world's conduct is poor because the agency didn't do its job, people will withdraw their money from the agency, and the CEO of the agency could be replaced. 

The agency has no right to buy more shares from any corporations of the world nor does it have the right to ever sell the shares receive from a newly established corporation. The agency can only earn money from dividends received from prosperous corporations and from corporate funding. Earnings of the agency will be distributed to its investors as dividends. The agency could lose money too when a member corporation's stock value drops. Anyway, if the agency does a good job in perfecting the world, more people will buy agency's stock. If the agency does not do well, investors will sell their shares, and the CEO could get fired. The officers of the agency have the rights to be granted shares of the agency. Afterall, money is the main motivation for agency and corporate officers to do better jobs.

The agency has the complete ownership of the military of the newly formed corporation and has right to mix soldiers from corporations to corporations. The agency does not have direct power to alter the law of a country. When the agency incorporates a new corporation, the agency receives three percent of the newly formed corporation. Therefore, the agency has three percent of the voting power on the newly formed corporation. Again, as mentioned earlier, the agency has no power to declare war on another country outside of the corporation UNLESS 75% of the corporation citizens vote for war. The agency, without a vote, has the right to dispatch soldiers in order to defend the corporation if the corporation is under an attack by another country.

The agency also functions as the main improver of the world. Based on the old testament prophecy, fertility in the future will become so miraculous that one meter square of land will produce half ton of food per year. Every grape tree will have a thousand branches, and on each branch a thousand grapes. Fruits in the future could be genetically engineered to taste like bread or meat. In every corner of the world there will be surplus, and people will never starve again. Poverty will disappear. The agency is responsible for fulfilling this prophecy. Genetic engineering will be vividly promoted by the agency until the prophecy concerning the miraculous fertility is fulfilled.

The agency also performs as an insurance company for the corporations.  For example, if China suffers from flood and needs immediate financial aid, the agency will grant a loan to China.  The agency has the right to charge interest on a financial loan.  This is also how the agency can earn money in order to attract investors.

If someone asks, "If USA is incorporated, then the president of United States becomes the CEO of USA?" The answer is no. There is only a CEO for the corporation which is formed by five or six countries. The president of USA could also be elected to be the CEO of the newly formed corporation. But the president of the United States has no need to change his title. There still will be a presidential election every four years.

If someone asks, "If a country has been incorporated, will the law or government structure change thus affecting the present ways of life?" The answer is no. After incorporation, a country still has total control of its police force and can keep its law and its government structure, but its military and all of its military weapons will belong to the corporation. The military and all military weapons of a corporation will belong to the head agency. Once a country has joined under a corporation, it no longer has the right to declare war on member countries nor any other country outside of the corporation.   For example, if China joins under the corporation, China will still be under communism.  They still run their country the way how it was done.  Only thing they lost is the right to declear war on other countries.  Only the head agency of the corporation has the right to declear a war.

If someone asks, "Must you incorporate 4 or 5 different countries into a corporation every time?  Or can a single country also be incorporated and become a single corporation?"  The answer is of course a single country can be incorporated if you prefer.  We encourage 4 or 5 different countries to merge into one corporation because we believe that world peace can be achieved much faster this way.   But if you prefer us to incorporate just your own country, we can do that for you too.  Let's say that USA, China, and Japan have been incorporated into a corporation.   If the Japanese believe that Japan has a better future if Japan leaves the 'USA-China-Japan Corp.' and establishes its own corporation, Japan has the right to do that.  So the summary is a single country can become a single corporation if you prefer.

If someone asks, "If I hold corporation shares, how powerful is my vote?   Another word, what kind of stuff can I vote for?"  The answer is you cannot vote to change the laws of a particular country.  You can vote for stuff like how to spend the tax money collected by the corporation, who becomes the next CEO, to merge or not to merge with another corporation, etc. 

But wait! What if some terrorist from the middle east buys large amount of a corporation's shares in order to take over the corporation? Wouldn't the taking over of a corporation affect the law, the military, and people's ways of life? The answer is no. I don't care who invests in a corporation. All I know is that an investor would not wish to drive a corporation down the drain because his own money is also involved. If a super rich person invest a large amount of money into the corporation, he would only want the corporation to prosper. Second, the law of a country was set by either the leaders of the country or by citizens' votes. Investing large amount of money in the corporation doesn't mean that the super rich investor can easily change the law thus affecting people's ways of life. Third, the military doesn't belong to the corporation but to the agency. So investing in a corporation gives no power to the military whatsoever.

Can two corporations merge? The answer is yes. If corporation members feel that merging two corporations is for the betterment of both parties, I don't see why not.

If someone asks, "Don't you need a brokerage house to underwrite the IPO?"   The answer is no.  The incorporation of the world will only be established after a great war, mainly when China fights a nuclear war with USA and that the rest of the world also gets involved.  Hundreds of millions will die.  Then people will realize that incorporation of the world is the only way to bring peace, and they will start to accept this proposal.  There is no brokerage house needed because we are incorporating the world to SAVE THE WORLD!  By the way, a brokerage house is needed to check on the credit status of a corporation which is pursuing an IPO.  Must we need a brokerage house to check the credit status of United States of America, Japan, or China?  We are incorporating the world in order to save it!  No brokerage house is needed.   

If you ask, "I am a leader of a country.  My people hate me very much.   If my people start a civil war or start a riot against me, will the corporation send in troops to help me put down the rebels?"  The answer is:  If you request us to help you stop a riot, we must send troops into your country.  The troops will be multicultural.   Which means, if we send in 20000 soldiers, 2000 men will be Germans, 2000 will be French, 2000 will be Chinese, 2000 will be Americans, and so on.  The corporation troops will not help any side.  Which means, the troops will not help your government kill innocent citizens.  The troops also will not help the rebels fight against you.   The corporation troops will only help you maintain peace on the streets.  We make sure that people won't destroy properties and burn down buildings.  If the rebels dare to open fire, we will put down the rebels and make arrests.  We also make sure that government police will not open fire on innocent citizens.  At the end, you must sit down with your citizens and resolve the problems peacefully.  But if your people keep hating you as the rebels keep on coming back, we will assume that you are the real trouble maker.  Then we will kick your country out of the corporation.  Which means, we will take back the stock shares which we have given to you and will give you back your military.  You go fight the rebels yourself.  The last thing that the corporation needs is a trouble maker.

If you ask, "I am a regional leader of a country, and I want to declare independence for my region because my country is too corrupt.  Will the corporation help me declare independence?"  The answer is No.  You must gain permission from the central government of your country if you want to gain independence.  The corporation cannot help you.  If you decide to take matters into your own hand and pick up guns to wage a war against your country, the corporation will defeat your army and will arrest you.

If you ask, "My country has already joined the corporation, but my country is still ruled by a blood thirsty dictator who constantly surpresses his own people in order to stay in control.  One day, the guerrilla fighters all of a sudden surrounded his palace and forced him to resign.  Then the guerrilla leader becomes the new leader of our country and establishes a new government.  Will the corporation recognize this new leader?  Will the corporation recognize the new government which is established by the guerrilla fighters?"   The answer is No.  Although your country is ruled by a blood thirsty dictator, that blood thirsty dictator is the one who made your country join the corporation.  So the corporation signed the contract with him.   If his palace has been surrounded by armed men, the corporation must dispatch troops to save him and put down the guerrilla fighters.  Then the corporation will help him restore his government.  If the corporation recognizes the guerrilla leader as the new leader and also recognizes the guerrillas' new government, the corporation's reputation will be ruined.  The goal of the corporation is to incorporate as many countries as possible.  Some countries are ruled by elected presidents.  Some countries are ruled by dictators, and some are ruled by kings and queens.  The corporation can incorporate all of them.  If the corporation dares to recognize this guerrilla leader as the new leader, no country will dare to join the corporation in the future.  So the reputation of the corporation is more important than the fait of a single country.  Therefore, the corporation will dispatch troops into your country and will arrest all guerrilla fighters.  The old government shall be restored.   But I think that once a blood thirsty dictator joins the corporation, he will start to give more freedom to his own people.  A dictator uses terror and force to stay in power because lots of his political opponents also want to use terror and force to overthrow him.  That's why he would kill and torture his opponents in order to make people fear him.  But once his country has been incorporated, the corporation becomes his personal bodyguard.  If anyone dares to overthrow his government, the corporation will dispatch troops into his country and will defeat his enemy for him.  Therefore, he will start to give more freedom to his people once the country has been incorporated.  He knows that the corporation will protect him from all of his rivals.  He no longer need to kill and terrorize people in order to stay in power.  Then his citizens will receive more freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  The corporation allows people to have peaceful mass protests if people are not satisfied with the government.  But when people pick up guns and open fire, the corporation troops will put down the rebels and make arrests.  You can have a peaceful protest, but you cannot pick up guns.  So the dictator trusts the corporation, and the corporation trusts the dictator.  The dictator will no longer fear his opponents.  So more freedom is given to the people, and everybody is happy.   So the incorporation plan not only insures the end of war, it also brings freedom and security to the people.

If you ask, "I am the vice president of my country.  I want to assassinate the president so I can become the president.  If I have successfully assassinated the president, will the corporation stop me from becoming the president?"  The answer is:  The president of your country is an officer of the corporation.  If an officer of the corporation has been murdered, the corporation will investigate the murder case.  If the criminal has been found, he shall be arrested and be sentenced by the corporation. 

If you ask, "Will the corporation leader, say the CEO of the entire corporation, abuse his power and slowly become a dictator?"  The answer is:  The CEO of the entire corporation will not receive lots of power.

If you ask, "My country is being invaded by another country.  Can I join the corporation now so that the corporation can help me defeat my enemy?"  The answer is: I don't know.  Your country sounds like a high risk.  If the corporation incorporates a country which is at war, the entire corporation will be at war.   The corporation must go through a vote to decide whether to incorporate your country or not.  But you should not come to us at the last moment.  You should have come to us before the war even started.  The corporation welcomes any nation that is not a high risk.  So please incorporate before you go to war with another nation.

If you ask, "Won't there be more corruption if politicians are allowed to hold shares?"  The answer is: Maybe a little more.  But with this system, the politicians earn money if the corporation earns money.  That means, if the politicians want to make the corporation richer, they would have to improve people's living first.  If people are poor, how can the government corporation earn money?   So this system actually encourages politicians to improve people's living.   This system encourages the politicians to put people at the first place.   There is corruption everywhere.  I am sure that producing a few more millionaires will not force the sun to rise from the West.  We use corruption to end warfare.  Chinese call this "Use poison to kill poison."

If you ask, "What if the corporation owners tax the hell out of people so they can become richer and richer?"  The answer is:  That is not a problem at all.   We can let the citizens vote on how much tax is the corporation allowed to collect.   The citizens are allowed to review records of corporation expenses in order to determine what amount of tax is reasonable.  See?  Everybody's happy.

If you ask, "How long will the world corporation last?  Will this world corporation last forever?"  The answer is:  The world corporation is designed to last forever.  The trick is that the corporation does not have the right to make up laws for countries.  The laws of a country are created by the leaders or by the citizens of that country.  The only duty of the corporation is to ensure peace in its territory.

If you ask, "USA has played the role of the world police for a long time.  In the future, how can the world corporation function as the world police if the corporation can hardly declare a war on another country since a 75% of citizens' vote is required to declare a war?  Does this mean that the world corporation will always remain neutral no matter what happens in the rest of the world?" 

Here is the answer:  Let's say that Iraq invades Kuwait again in 2020.  All of its neighboring countries like Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Saudi Arabia will all become very nervous.  They are afraid that Iraq will attack them next.  So they will all voluntarily join the corporation.   Once they joined the corporation, Iraq cannot attack them anymore because the corporation will definitely destroy Iraq if Iraq dares to fire a single rocket at them.   So Iraq will completely be surrounded by the world corporation since all of its neighboring countries have joined the corporation.  Then these countries can cut off Iraq's supply route and set up blockade on the ocean.  Within a few weeks, Iraq will run out of supply.

According to this scenario, no countries in the future will dare to invade another country because the aggressor will end up being surrounded by the world corporation.

afmap.gif (6547 bytes)

The green colored territory belongs to the world corporation.

If you ask "Let's say Hawaii declares independence.  United States notified the head agency, but the CEO of the head agency does not do anything about it because the CEO of the head agency favors the independence of Hawaii.  What can United States do?  The answer is:  United States can sue the head agency at the World Corporation's Supreme Court.  Jury members and the judge will be representatives from different countries.  If United States wins the lawsuit, the head agency must pay the United States billions of dollars of compensation, and corporation troops will be sent to Hawaii to arrest the governor of Hawaii.  The CEO of the head agency could also be fired if necessary.

If you ask "I am the leader of my country.   Who decides how many corporation troops will settle in my country?  How do I know if the corporation troops can really protect me when there is immediate danger?"   The answer is:  If you are the leader of your country, you decide how many corporation troops should settle in your country.  If you say you need 10 million men to patrol your country, the corporation will let 10 million men settle in your country.   (The more troops your country requires, the more tax your country shall pay.)   If you want 500 bodyguards to follow you around where ever you go, you can order the corporation troops to give you 500 bodyguards.  If you want 10000 corporation troops to guard your palace, the corporation will let 10000 corporation troops guard your palace.  If you trust your own police force and don't want corporation troops to protect you, the corporation will probably settle only 10000 men in your country, and your own police will be your bodyguards.  You can use the corporation troops anyway you want.  Remember, the corporation is just a security company.  The more you use the corporation troops, the more tax your country shall pay.

If you ask, "I don't feel safe giving my army to the head agency.  What if the CEO of the head agency turns into a dictator?"   The answer is:  We can have 3 CEOs instead of one CEO to supervise the head agency.  If 2 of them vote YES while one of them vote NO, the bill will be passed.   Besides, a CEO can be fired by the board members if the stock value declines.

A corporation can grant funding to promising medical, governmental, and technical research labs in order to improve corporation's image and further develop the corporation so that more people will invest in the corporation.

The word capitalism basically represents money and freedom.  Capitalism is everyone's dream because everybody loves money.  Some gamble their money on every sports game, and some earn so much money that they don't even know how to spend it.   Money probably is the most popular hobby of men, and only a fool like Karl Marx was stupid enough to actually challenge the meaning and the importance of money.  People love money and freedom, and not even God can change that.

Of course the people who live in countries that are governed by dictators wish that their own countries are capitalistic just like the United States.  Capitalism does work well in most European dominated countries.  But capitalism might not function properly in countries like China.  Here is the reason why:

The Chinese, unlike the whites, are mostly very hot-tempered and emotional.  A small political spark can ignite a TNT which equals the force of 1.3 billion human power.   If the communist leaders apologized to the students who started the Tienanmen Square incident, more protests and strikes could be expected.  Eventually, the people will tear down the government through endless protests and riots, and the entire China will fall into pieces.  How can 1.3 billion people be fed without a stable government?  That's why the Chinese have always stick to dictatorship throughout the ages. 

Needless to say, it's more comfortable to live in a capitalistic society than in a dictatorial society.  That's why citizens from dictatorial countries always immigrate to capitalistic countries like USA, England, Germany, etc.  Apparently, everybody loves freedom.

But I believe that the World Corporation Plan can change all that.  Here are the reasons why:

I believe that the corporation will also perform beautifully for many small countries of Africa and South America that are dictatorial societies. 

All I know is that once the entire world incorporates, stock exchange centers become the only battle ground of men. Incorporating the world will bring eternal peace and prosperity to our society. There will be competition, and for these corporations, the only way to win the competition is to improve their people's living.  The corporation share holders don't want to screw up people's living because the people who live in the corporation's land is the future of the corporation.  If you screw the people, you are screwing the corporation's conduct.  Therefore, your shares will drop.  Some one told me that the corporation share holders will want to raise the tax so that the corporation can earn more money.  I disagree.  If you raise the tax too high, you might end up choking the economy.  The citizens of a corporation who don't own any corporation shares will not want to screw up the corporation either.  If the corporation's shares drop, corporation will not have enough funding for building that new bridge or fix the roads; No more free lunch for your kids; no new library and new schools; tax will be raised.  So the conclusion is that the incorporation of the world is the ONLY way to unite the world.  There will be peace and prosperity upon the entire world, for ever and ever more.

Copyrighted 2000 by Alexander Y.C. Chiu

What is it like living inside the corporation?

Let's ride the time machine and go to the future........

The story of Zecon

The dictator of Zecon was not a very popular guy. Almost everyone in Zecon hated him, but nobody dared to publicly criticize him. The dictator built more than 30 luxury presidential palaces while his people were starving on the streets. The dictator knew that so many people want to overthrow him and establish a new government so that people can have better lives. That's why the dictator had been very strict with his people. The media was controlled by his regime, and protesters were punished severely.

But one day, the dictator made a very wise choice which made him popular again: He incorporated Zecon. He ordered 250 corporation troops to be his personal bodyguard and to protect him where ever he goes because he doesn't even trust his own people. He also ordered close to 200 thousand corporation troops to patrol his country. He knows that people are cursing at him behind his back. People think he is a terrible ruler because he gave people no freedom nor enough bread. Being an unpopular king is not a good feeling after all.

So all of a sudden, he granted people freedom of speech and free media. So many new television and radio stations appeared overnight. People are now allowed to express their feelings freely. There are protests from time to time. But the dictator has nothing to worry about because the corporation troops have handle all protests quite professionally. All the dictator wants is to gain more popularity. So he started to build new schools in the country side. He built new highways and encouraged more international trading. He has improved people's living standard so much that people started to like him. People totally forgot what the dictator was like before the incorporation. The dictator's entire family has been praised by the people true heartedly ever since Zecon was incorporated.

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Are you the messiah?

Since Alex Chiu IS NOT the messiah, the messiah could be YOU!

Are you the messiah that the world is expecting?

Do you want to be the messiah? Here is the qualification:

1) You don't necessarily have to have Jewish blood in you, but you must be friendly to the Jews because it is stated in the old testament that the messiah will rise out of the house of David (house of Israel). Many people think that passage means messiah must be a Hebrew.  Not true. You could be white, black or Asian.  But you must be a pro-Jewish. 

2) You must receive the right guidance from a prophet. The Talmud declared that the prophet of the messiah is the one who will bring immortality to mankind.  Without receiving guidance from this prophet, you cannot be the messiah. You cannot give guidance to yourself either. You cannot just find anyone who you think is the prophet and tell him to give you guidance.

3) You cannot die before the entire world is united and harmonized.  If you die before your mission is accomplished, you are definitely not the messiah.

4) You will unite the entire world.  Your empire will never be destroyed. If you cannot do this, you are not the messiah.

How to become the messiah?

Messiah shall be given guidance by the prophet. Then he shall unite the world.   Bringing immortality to mankind is not messiah's job. ( It's my job, and I have already done it. )    The missiah's job is much more difficult than the prophet's job.  The messiah must unite the world and be the most important politician of the world forever.

If you are a multi-billionaire, your chance of becoming the messiah is even greater.   If you are that wealthy, you have the power to advertise the world-corporation plan to the entire world.  Everyone will know that you are the one who helped unite the world.  People will most likely vote for you!

If you think this is the job for you, who knows? Messiah could be you. Remember, messiah is the most holy. He has been chosen out of millions among millions. He is the one who carries great righteousness and the glory of God.  He is the one who will sit on the throne forever and ever.  He will prosper the entire world until there is no more problem left to solve.