Just make a YouTube video talking about Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings, and we will send you a FREE pair of Immortality Rings shipping included.  You could be anywhere in the world.  We ship it.

I don't care what type of video you make.  Could be insulting, sarcastic, a recommendation, a scam report, a joke, a prank, etc.  As long as your video is about the Immortality Rings, I will ship you a pair of the Immortality Rings for free.  If you don't have a pair yet, here's your chance.  If you already got a pair, give it away to your friend.   We ship worldwide.  We pay for shipping.

The YouTube video must be at least 4 minutes long and must tell people how to find AlexChiu.com.

Once the video is upload, chick here to redeem your rings.

Click here for a list of YouTube videos that are about Alex's Immortality Rings.