Immortality Ring's Affiliate Program

Money paid daily via PayPal

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Receive a pair of FREE Immortality Rings for 35 clicks, or earn a 50% commission on all sales.  We can PayPal you your commission once a day.

Just post a link at a bulletin board or on your Facebook or Twitter page like this:

When somebody clicked on your link and made a purchase, you receive 50% commission.  We pay the commission daily via PayPal!  And when 35 people clicked on the link without making a purchase, we will still send you a pair of Immortality Rings for FREE.  We will ship it to you anywhere in the world.  We pay for shipping.

We have the affiliate program which can track the clickthrus.  You can login to monitor the status at anytime.

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Plus when somebody made a purchase, you will receive a 50% commission.   We PayPal you the commission using PayPal once a day!   You must have a PayPal account.

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