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3.jpg (1650 bytes) Watch Alex Chiu's YouTube videos on 'How the entire world can be united by a world corporation.' 

In this episode, Alex tells you how his 'world corporation' can unite the entire world and end all wars once and for all.   The entire world will have only 1 army.  March 19, 2009

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How to become the messiah?
Corporation Plan in detail (entire text)
Bulletin Board


If anyone who holds lots of power disagrees to this incorporation of the world idea, we just buy him out with the corporation shares.

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How does this corporation of the world earn money?  How does this corporation attract investors?  The corporation of the world, just like any other government, will tax it's citizens.  Part of the tax money will be given to the share holders as dividends. (profit)  The corporation can reinvest the money collected from tax to conduct government businesses to earn more money for the corporation.  Most of the tax money will be used to build our cities.

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If our cities, our medical technology, or our education improves, our economy also improves.  If our economy improves, the corporation can collect more tax.  More tax means more profit for the share holders.  This corporation is just like a regular corporation.  Investors will be attracted by the corporation because it is the world's biggest, most reliable, most stable business.  This government corporation does not even need to give share holders dividends, and people will still invest in it's stocks.  You cannot lose if you invest in this business.  The corporation can invest the tax money in various businesses in order to earn more money for the corporation.

The military leaders, the presidents, the powerful government leaders will all become extremely rich.  This is the attractiveness of this corporation idea.

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Hey!  You are not selling your country.   You are just saving the world by making peace!

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