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Should we worship a God that is a mathematical formula?

One day, a person asked me a very interesting question: How can we worship a mathematical formula?  (If you don't understand why I describe God as a mathematical formula, please read about it here.)

That person asked, "Why worship a mathematical formula anyways? What's the point, it doesn't care if you worship it or not because it would have no consciousness."

My reply to that person:  Let me explain to you why you should worship the mathematical formula. If the engineers at Ford Motors told the company that the current design is not safe and lots of people will be killed if the cars are mass produced according to this design, would Ford just ignore the engineers' opinions and go ahead and make the car according to that design? I don't think so.  Why would the CEO of the car company listen to a bunch of engineers?  The reason is those engineers know what they are talking about. 

If you are a real prophet, you are very accurate. Everything you say comes true.    If according to your calculation and astrology reading, there will be a great flood next month in your home town, would the people worship your calculation? Of course they will. They better or else they die! They better worship your calculation and leave the town for their own good. Worship the mathematical formula means trust what have been said by the prophets. So do you believe there is physical immortality, physical resurrection, and unification of the world? If you don't, you don't believe in God. You don't believe in the words of the prophets. You don't believe in the old testament.   And you are just a cult follower.

Prophets throughout centuries have prophesied about physical immortality. But some people never listened.  Some people kept saying that immortality can only be achieved through death. Well, go ahead.  Make my day. Jump off the empire state building and earn your immortality in heaven. See if I care.  People who say "immortality can only be achieved through death." do not believe in the words of the prophets. It is clearly stated in the old testament that "There shall be no more death." But they insist that immortality can only be achieved through death.  Those people also don't believe in resurrection.  "Since everyone is to die, what do we need resurrection for?", they ask.  Some people think resurrection is some kind of joke. Yeah, those prophets who wrote the bible were very humorous. They have the mood to joke with you. So bible is supposed to be a "Joke for Dummies" book.   Resurrection is just a joke?

If you worship this mathematical formula, you trust the words of the prophets. What ever they predicted shall come true!  Behold!  It is recorded in the bible that dry bones will regain their flesh and will relive again!  There shall be physical resurrection!  Behold!  One day, a kingdom of God shall embrace the entire world, and that kingdom shall never be destroyed.   Unification of the world shall come true!  I am not talking about that ridiculous, magical, spiritual resurrection made up by yourself in your own dreams.  The prophets said that dry bones will regain their flesh and will relive again.  There will be physical resurrection!   The prophets are not talking about that symbolic, religious unification of the world in your dreams. The real world peace is what the prophets have prophesied! 

In front of you is, the home of Immortality Device.   What did the prophets tell you?  They told you that one day physical immortality shall become possible.  Do you listen?  Are you willing to be blessed and be granted the most valuable gift of God?  Are you going to miss this chance? 

Remember Noah's ark?  For many months, prophet Noah has been telling people that there will be a flood coming soon. But nobody listened. Noah then built an ark and his own life was saved by the ark.  The people who didn't listen drowned. That's the power of God, the mathematical formula which runs and propels the universe. The prophets are highly accurate fortune tellers. Whatever they say shall come true. If you don't listen, you are asking for trouble. So do you people still believe that immortality should be achieved through death?  Do you still want to die?  The bible says "There shall be no more death." But what do some snobbish people say?   Some people think they are as good as the prophets.  They think they are good enough to challenge the words of the prophets. Well, at the end, they won't be the ones who will laugh.

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