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Is it boring living forever?   Maybe.  But I think it is also boring living forever in heaven.  Some folks say that they rather die, go to heaven, and live forever in heaven.  My question to those folks is:  What is the difference between heaven and earth if you can live forever in both places?  Now we have the technology to allow you to live forever on earth.  Why choose heaven over earth?  Some people insist that, "Heaven is home.  Keeping people on earth forever is the work of the devil."  But I think home is where I feel comfortable living.  Maybe I am born in San Francisco.  But if one day I travel to New York and find New York a better place to live, I might stay in New York and claim New York to be my new home.   People have the right to choose their homes.  If you like earth, earth is your home.  You can stay as long as you want.  Let nobody tell you that heaven is your home, and you must die and go back.  That's nonsense.  God is not going to give you a medal for going back.  Your relatives will not be happy to lose you.   So what is the hurry?  By the way, if one day, you got bored with earth, you can always die and go back to heaven.  Nobody is forcing you to stay. Banner Exchange