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A Chinese technology that the white men just can't beat!

Alex Chiu makes sure that no matter how hard you white folks try, you will never beat the Chinese in medical technology.   Period.

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Imagine a world without handicaps, cancer, tumor, asthma, arthritis, ulcer, and among all other diseases.

With the Cell Realignment Machine invented by Alex Chiu, that world is one step closer.

Can humans use machines to heal uncurable diseases or even handicaps? 

My machine can do 2 things: shrink the cells and realign cell structure.  It uses only half watts of electricity.  It does not make any noise.  And it does not produce any radiation, ultra violet ray, high frequency, nor harmful magnetic flux.  It releases pure electrons into the human body.

This Cell Realignment Machine website is copyrighted in 2017.  This machine is not patented, but it is invented by Alex Chiu.  You have the right to build and sell this machine.  But you bear all the legal risk.  The inventor did not say this machine is good enough to cure people without any flaw.  The inventor did not finish experimenting with this machine yet.  At first I wanted to patent this machine.   But the patent fee is too high.  And also, even if I gained a patent for this machine, the FDA will not allow me to mass produce this machine without an FDA approval..   And there is no way for me to apply for an FDA approval for this machine because the FDA is controlled by the drug companies and top leaders of the medical industry.   They won't allow a machine like this to ruin their money source.  So I decided to just copyright this web site and allow anybody to just go ahead and build this wonderful machine and just sell them on Ebay or on Amazon.  Just make sure you tell people that Alex Chiu invented this machine and refer people to this website.  That's all I ask for.