First testimonial for the Cell Realignment Machine

July 1st, 2017

Hi my name is Luis. I have been using all the great products from Alex. I have been using the rings since I was 19 and now I'm about to turn 32 years of age and I still look young. People think I'm 22. The rings really work. ! I have been using the new healing machine, I was one of the first and fortunate to try it and this machine really gives me a strong healing on injuries and it really feels that healing is going on. I started to use it and I feel strong healing on my old acne scars. Feels like it's healing or melting the scars. I have a very physical job and I had some pain in my legs from all the heavy work, but now I feel good with no blockages or pain. I have been suffering with bad complexion on my face and I had lots of oily skin, but this machine has ended my problem. Acne has reduced, no more oily skin and acne scars are really reducing day by day and it's been only 10 days since I have been using this new healing machine. I take regular gorgeous pill or American ginseng powder one hour before using the machine and I use the machine half night on the left side of my body and half night on the right side from my body. You can place this machine facing the part of your body that needs healing. Also I have better and thicker hair after using this machine. This machine is really amazing. Im still finding lots of benefits and it really feels that works on bone structure, bone deep and make you look better, more healthy or gorgeous. I recommend it to people with bad diseases, this machine it's amazing. 


bald.jpg (6312 bytes)

This is not a real before-after photo that I have personally taken.   But just to give you an example of what my machine can do.  If you are not satisfied with the result, just send it back within 30 days and we issue you a full refund.