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Build your own Cell Realignment Machine

machinepic.jpg (21189 bytes)

This machine is extremely easy to build.  It only has few parts.  Even an elementary school kid can build this for fun.

The reason why I made it so simple for people to build is I don't want people to forget my invention like how people forget RIFE Machine or Lakhovsky healing machine.  The bad thing about RIFE and Lakholvsky healing machines is they are too complicated.  And eventually their technology got lost in time.  People are very close minded.  And doctors and drug companies are greedy and hate inventors like me.   So they will do everything they can to suppress this technology.  I make it simple for people to build it.  And I do the best I can to describe why this machine works.  I make sure that greedy people cannot suppress my technology like how they suppressed other good inventions.

The objective is to build a machine that allows the capacitor to charge up.  Then it allows the capacitor to release its electrons to the human body when the machine turns itself off.  Recently I am experimenting a sequence that charges the capacitor for 10 minutes.  Then shuts off the machine for 1 minute so that electrons would leak into the injury for 1 minute to realign the cells.   Caution.  If you allow the electrons to leak into the injury for more than 3 to 5 minutes, you risk overheating the injury, which could enlarge the existing injury.  A user would put this machine near the injury while sleeping for the entire night.  The user also must wear the Immortality Rings during sleep.  And this machine is supposed to reduce the scars at the injury.  Theoretically speaking, the scars will eventually all disappear.

schematic.JPG (12792 bytes)

You need the following:

This is what the Axial type looks like.  Axial means each end of the capacitor has a wire attached to it.

capacitor.jpg (10640 bytes)

And this is what the off delay timer should look like.  You can buy this type of off delay timer on Ebay or on Amazon for like a few dollars.  I suggest you to buy the ones that have a digital screen so you can set the time.

digitaltimer.JPG (163235 bytes)

dcloaddischarge.JPG (78803 bytes)

This is a breadboard that's about 2 inches square.

breadboard.jpg (4783 bytes)

And you can buy a plastic box that holds your electronics project.  The front end of the box must be open so that electrons can escape out of the box and travel into the human body.  You can buy a box like this one.  It measures 200mm X 175mm X 70mm.

enclosure.jpg (147697 bytes)

And finally, you can buy some 'plastic canvas' in some arts and craft store.  Or you can order them online.  These are plastic sheets that have lots of holes in them.    You just goto Google and type in 'plastic canvas' and they will come right up.  You use this to make yourself the front vent.

plasticcanvas.jpg (56209 bytes)

This is the open box of the machine.  The capacitor is at the front of the machine.  Of course, the front end of the machine faces the human body, where the injury is.  The capacitor and the 2 resistors are to be inserted onto the breadboard.   The off delay timer can be glued or taped onto the surface of the machine.

openbox.JPG (18509 bytes)


You see the round light blue capacitor?  That's the front end.  That end points toward a person's injury.  You put the capacitor around 6 inches to 1 foot away from a person's injury.  The front end of the box must be open.  I mean the box must have lots of holes at the front or just an open front end so that electrons can escape out of the capacitor and travel into the human flesh.

Here's another easier way to build your own Cell Realignment Machine

If you don't want to buy the off delay timer nor the plastic enclosure.  You still can build this machine.  You would need the following parts:

This is a Spartans brand repeat cycle timer.  You can adjust how many minutes to turn on and how many minutes to shut off the current.  So just adjust 10 minute turn on and 1 minutes shut off.

spartans.jpg (19787 bytes)

Then all you do is build your simple little machine with just the capacitor, the resistors, and the adaptor. They could be assembled on a piece of wood or plastic.  Then just plug the adaptor into the repeat cycle timer.

wpe1.jpg (9462 bytes)

The reason why I only have one 22,000 uF capacitor in my machine is not because I am too cheap to install more.  Its because the human body can only accept so much electrons at a given time.  You can only hurt yourself if you pack 10 of these 22000uF capacitors into the machine.  So beware.  Don't get anxious.  Heal a little at a time.  Don't push it.