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I used to look like this before I used Gorgeouspil.

photo6 This picture was taken when I was 25 year-old.  Typical Asian face; wide face, wide nose, smaller eyes, single walled eyelid, thin neck.

Year 1996


Now I look like this!!!  See the difference??

oct200~1.jpg (20827 bytes)

This picture was taken when I was almost 37, in October of 2007.  The face is thinner and more refined, eyes bigger, nose taller, and looks more macho and manly.  Looks more like a white person.  But I show absolutely no sign of aging.  These pictures are 12 years apart.  But the later picture is prettier than the first.   This photo was a snap shot of the Martin Sargent's Infected online TV show 'Halloween special of 2007'.  To view the show which has me on it, goto:

Before using Gorgeouspil 1 week after using Gorgeouspil About 3 to 4 weeks after using Gorgeouspil.  (A picture taken on Halloween.)
skbef.jpg (13433 bytes) sk2.JPG (17651 bytes) sk3.JPG (17436 bytes)
naturalcures.jpg (10598 bytes) Kevin Trudeau wrote about my rings in his famous book 'Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know'.

Avoid imitations!  Ever since Kevin's book came out, different types of magnetic rings are being sold all over the internet.  But Kevin has only recommended Alex Chiu's magnetic rings.   Just go to any book store, find Kevin's book, and turn to page 194.  And you will see the word ALEXCHIU.COM printed on that page.

In chapter 6 "How to never get sick", he wrote:

17. Use magnetic finger and toe rings

These are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply wear this specially designed magnetic ring on the small finger of each hand, and if you want even more benefit, wear the toe brace on each foot. These are worn when you sleep.  The health benefits seem to be almost unbelievable. This device appears to radically slow the aging process and, in most cases, appears to reverse the aging process; people report looking and feeling younger as time goes on. These are absolutely amazing.

Kevin Trudeau, the king of American infomercial, highly recommends Alex Chiu's Immortality Devices in his famous book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About". Kevin said Alex Chiu's devices do help him fight aging, and he encouraged readers to use Alex Chiu's devices in several chapters throughout his book.   Kevin wrote that many celebrities are also using Alex Chiu's devices.   


See Alex Chiu's videos on YouTube

You can see the 'before Gorgeous Pill video' of Alex Chiu and 'after Gorgeous Pill video' of Alex Chiu here.  These videos are the possessions of Martin Sargent's talk show and are not doctored in anyway and therefore are more reliable than photos.

Click here to see Alex Chiu's video from 2004 (before Gorgeouspil was invented)

Click here to see Alex Chiu's video from 2007 (after taking Gorgeouspil for just 16 months)  Martin Sargent invited me onto his show to review the movie 'Transfermers'. So you might have to wait awhile until you can see my segment.

Basically, I gained 1 inch taller from Gorgeouspil because my neck became longer.  My head and my face have shrunk dramatically.  I am now prettier and I look more like a white person .

Rayanna's testimonial.  July 2007

OK.  This is by far the most incredible testimonial I have ever seen.  Rayanna, age 17, turned from a pure black person into a half white half black person after just a few months of using Gorgeouspil.  Her face became prettier too.

This sounds too incredible to believe and might scare my customers away.  But I have to document this on my testimonial page.  To read her full testimonials or to see more of her stunning pictures, click here to see our bulletin board.

Before pictures......

She said these pictures were taken out in the sun, not in a dark room.
rayanna.jpg (38299 bytes)rayanna2.jpg (15097 bytes)

After pictures...
You can tell that this is the same person.  But she looks much whiter and prettier.  I cannot fake these pictures.  If you want to speak to her, click here.

2 months after taking Gorgeouspil.  She said her nose got a lot smaller and face became more elegant.
rayanna3.jpg (317051 bytes)

Maybe there is a way for me to doctor the photos to turn a pure black person into a half white person.  But that would cost lots of money.  I certainly would not be able to afford that kind of professional job.

And here is a photo after taking 4 months of Gorgeouspil
rayanna4.jpg (197144 bytes)

Look at the nose.  Her nose looks like a white person's nose now.  You tell me how do I fake these pictures.   The person in the top 2 photos is completely dark.  And this picture shows the same person after just a few months.  I don't even know how professionals can fake these pictures!!!  She looks almost like a white girl now!!!  Imagine what she would look like a year later.  If you want to speak to her, click here.

I was featured on Yahoo News!

Read the amazing testimonials at Yahoo News!

Amazing New Gadget Lets You Live Forever
Monday May 20, 2002






----- Original Message -----
From: Marco A.G.Pinto
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 4:34 PM
Subject: Photos of Marco A.G.Pinto

Hello Alex!!!

It is Marco!!!  I have been using your rings ever since 2001.

Days ago I posted my most recent photo on the Forum.

If you want, you can place the photos (2001, 2004 and 2007 in one image) in your site.

marcoagpinto_2001to2007b.jpg (74408 bytes)

From Franco Fiori Franco Fiori

This is me 8 month ago, before Gorgeouspil:  (30 year-old) This is me today after 8 months of Gorgeouspil and Chi Flush.   (31 year-old)
franco1.jpg (26797 bytes) franco2.jpg (30245 bytes)

Alex Chiu's comment:  Smaller nose, more romantic eyes, and more symmetrical head.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sheri Copper"
To: "Asian" <>
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 10:24 PM
Subject: A many thank's!!!!!

The Neo ring's are amongst cancer, parkinson's, MS, lupus. People don't know what to think... No one would believe me when I said this technology worked. All I tell them is to listen to their body and keep me posted. It's a relief to see people who have been in such misery for a long time finally feel a sense of peace.

I do have some who work graveyard shift's(like that of security guard) query me if this would work for them. We know that growth hormone release take's place between 10pm-2am. I don't have any more ring's to share so if these ring's can help those get restorative/repair sleep during the day let me know and I'll find out how many to purchase.

thx again Alex..... it must be a nice feeling to know you're helping people heal.

Sheri Copper

Dec. 03, 2001

WOW!  This is a great testimonial.
  You must read it !

Thank you Fabrizio Coppola!

I have been interviewed by San Francisco Weekly Magazine in March 2000.  Both the reporter and the photographer tried my Neodymium Immortality Rings for just one night.  The reporter wrote down the healing result she got from the rings at's web site.  Below is what she wrote:

"That night I try wearing the neodymium rings, but sleep is impossible. I toss and turn furiously, my heart racing, my body sweating. The next night, I check the polarity and try again. Same thing. The photographer who accompanied me on my visit to Chiu complains of a similar phenomenon."

Click here to see the entire article at

Ron Jeffeory wrote on March 30th, 2005:

I was skeptical at first, but when my pair of rings arrived, I gave them to my father for his 60th birthday present. He was quite overweight, and has a bad case of Alzheimer's disease. I mean, he couldn't even remember what my name was, or that I was his son!

That is, until he put on these immortality rings. He has used them for 2 years now. I'm in my early 30s, and now my father looks younger than me. His memory has also improved to the point where he can remember the shopping list and even the price.
He recognises me as his son. We are much happier now.

August 24th, 2005

Hello Alex,

I have been wanting to email you for some time now but I have been so busy. Let me explain.

Two years ago I feel on my knee OUCH for sure. My knee hasn't been the same since. Every doctor I have gone to--you have this you have that NEVER EVER do they say I will help you lets do this or that, just give me inflammation medication-steroids etc and lousy pain pills I mean lousy pain pills!

Now I heard about you and you know I thought to myself well it couldn't hurt to try what do I have to loose! I received my finger rings in the mail I was so excited and filled with anticipation!

I was exhausted that afternoon plus my knee was very swollen & and I was in pain and making it difficult for me to do what I needed to do around my home.

2 hours later when I woke up from my nap I got up to a knee that the swelling had gone down --a lot!
Now the severe pain I felt before--GONE!

I must say it took several days before I could relax my knee but I was so excited and I have been walking and hiking ever since using your invention! Any time my knee swells I use your product and boom--gone no pain no swelling all gone!

Thank You sir and GOD BLESS YOU Alex Chiu. I can never pay you back for all your help you have given me no idea what you have done for me. I haven't stopped walking or swimming or running since I received these finger rings in the mail sir thank you for giving me my life back!



Crystal Shu    Tel: (415) 564-9585
November 5th, 99

Few months ago my hair started to fall off. Everyday I see lots of hair on my pillow which really scared me to death. Doctor couldn't find a reason what has caused this and had only suggested artificial inplant. I used boar hair comb to brush my hair. I ate supplements, I tried hair creams. NOTHING WORKED. My hair continued to fall. I was forced to wear a weg whereever I go. I bear so much stress which made me cry to bed each night. I am a single mother who has a 9 year old daughter to take care. What happens if the falling of my hair is a sign of a more complicated disease which will cause a break down of my health? What am I to do? After wearing your finger device for two months, my full head of hair came back. I don't know how it happened, but it happened. I heard a lack of blood circulation could kill the roots of the hair. Probably the rings have thrust circulation into my hair again. That's what caused the hair to regrow. Now I am wearing my hair instead of plastic wegs, and they are longer and shinnier than the fake stuff. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Something my doctor cannot answer, you've answered it. Without your invention and your intellegence, I could not live through this. Now I found a nice job at a frame shop. My daughter and I are doing just fine. Life shall continue. Truly yours, Crystal Shu.

March 6th, 2004

Dear Alex,

 It has been almost two years now since I started wearing magnet rings to bed.  I still wear them every night, and am still experiencing changes in my body that I am very happy about.  The latest is a significant reduction in cellulite, visible to my husband who remarked on how smooth my skin looked.  Women who have searched for and paid many dollars for creams, treatments, etc. know that NOTHING works against cellulite.  What works is restructuring (on the cellular level) of the matrix that supports and distributes body fat.  Magnet rings helped make that happen for me.

I continue to look younger instead of older, and I am telling everybody who will listen about how simple, inexpensive, and profoundly effective wearing the magnet rings can be.  My doctors tell me that whatever it is I am doing, to keep doing it, because it is working!  In spite of being a cancer patient (which I will be until five years have passed beyond all treatments), I take no medications and have radiant good health.  I cannot tell you how good I look and feel, and I am grateful beyond measure that I found you site and took your advice.


Deborah Morse

LIVE REAL AUDIO recording available for testimonies. Download Real Player 5.0 Now!


Author Comment
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(5/31/03 2:29 pm)
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I just received another set of rings!

The rings helped me so much that I bought another set for my friend. She has arthritis in her knee and hip. She also has high blood pressure.

I sure hope the rings can help ease her arthritis pain. She's been wearing them for a couple of days now.

Last night I took her blood pressure and it was 124/76. I hope it stays good!

She's been living on an anti-inflamatory for the last ten years and this medication she's taking (selebrex) is pretty nasty on the stomach so hopefully she'll be able to ease up on the dosage.

Her entire family has arthritus so if this works, I'll be buying more rings. I may also get her the foot braces but I wanted her to get used to the rings first.

I'll keep you posted on her progress! Her name is Linda and she's the same age as me (49)

Edited by: Clint902 at: 5/31/03 2:37:33 pm

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(6/1/03 12:45 pm)

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Re: I just received another set of rings!

Last night I took Lindas blood pressure and it was 133/82 but this time she was sitting up. Still looks good though.

When she first put the rings on a few days ago she felt tingling in her pinkies that traveled up to her wrist. Now she feels nothing at all and has no problem sleeping. Instead of taking the selebrex (anti-inflammatory) once a day, she'll try taking one every other day. This particular medication is safe to cut back on when she feels good.

She didn't take a pill today but I notice she's bopping around the house with no discomfort. I know this is a bit early but I've never seen her walk without a limp, even while taking the selebrex and it's been raining here for the past week.

Linda knows I"m posting information about her and she doesn't mind.

Registered User
Posts: 9
(6/2/03 9:37 am)

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thats excellent presure for someone your age clint, mine is 140/70 avg with 47-55 beats per minute, and i walk/or moutain bike every day to school/work which is like 3-4 miles to work 5-6 to school

Registered User
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(6/2/03 1:19 pm)

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Re: ....

It's good that you get lots of excersize!
I had a ten speed bike but someone stole it. I have a treadmill but that's boring. I need to get another bike now that the weather's nice. Linda was so bad she couldn't even take a short walk without putting herself in pain. Today at work people were suprized to see her walk without a limp. I thought it was my imagination. That's great!

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(6/6/03 3:47 pm)

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Re: Am I attracted to her?

This is weird but the past couple of days I feel the need to hold her in my arms. Believe me, she's not model material. Could her wearing the rings be causing this her to release


Nude Didjridood
Posts: 190
(6/6/03 4:44 pm)

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Re: Am I attracted to her?

Well, from all reports that I've seen since last year, the ring wearer's have increased sexual drive. This may mean an increase in pheromones generated as well as increased sensitivity to pheromones.

In matters such as this, physical appearance has no bearing. The question is, does she feel the same chemistry?

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(6/6/03 5:08 pm)

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Re: Am I attracted to her?

I don't know but if she does feel the same chemistry, I'm sure she'll let me know. Besides, I just want to divide and conquer so if we're not on the same wavelength, I may end up losing a friend.

Cristal White
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(6/7/03 7:01 am)

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Alex could make an endorsement deal with Immortal Technique. He's a good MC and has an apt moniker.

"I'm bout to blow up like Nasa Challenger computer chips
Arsenic language transmitted revolutionarily
I'm like time itself, I'm gonna kill you inevitably"

"I'm cold blooded like reptiles
Touch a pregnant bitch and make her give birth to a dead child"

And of course my personal favorite:

"I'll fake your parents suicide and kill you in the orphanage"

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(6/14/03 11:55 am)

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New Post Re: No more migriane headaches?

Linda's been wearing the rings for a couple of weeks now and she standing straighter and walking without a limp. Her boss and the other gals are very impressed. She hasn't had any migraine headaches either (she used to get them a lot) and she noticed that her neck no longer makes that cracking sensation when she moves it.
The girls at her work want her to bring in some literature. about the magnets because some of the girls are really hurting. I may end up getting them the rings if they don't have internet access.


No big changes, but...

Posted by David on April, 28th, 2002

FWIW, I have been using the rings for only about two weeks now. I did not feel any tingling in hands or sensation of increased circulation. I don't necessarily have any more energy during the day either. One thing I DEFINITELY have noticed is that I sleep VERY deeply and I get up like a shot.

I am an attorney and I frequently stay up until all hours doing casework. Usually it takes me a half of a pot of coffee to get going in the morning. The first night after using the rings I opened my eyes in the morning and BOOM, I was right out of bed and on with the day.

I am highly educated with two graduate degrees and a born skeptic (albeit with a deep sense of curiosity of things generally). While the rings may, in fact, be having nothing but a placebo effect on me....SO WHAT! I'll take a placebo effect that helps me out like this any day of the week. I'll check back in a few months and update...good luck to all.

David <>

April 24th, 2002

From Deborah Morse

Dear Alex-

I just found your website earlier this month. I have made some pinky
rings and foot braces using rare earth magnets. The pinky rings I have no
problem wearing all night. The foot braces will take some getting used
to, and I could probably refine my design so that they are more
comfortable. However, I manage to keep them on for at least a few hours
every night. I will never sleep without magnets again. From the first
night, I experienced terrific results. The first night I tried them, I
used ferrous magnets that I had at home. The next morning, my back was
pain free and I was walking totally upright for the first time in months.
I had been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis that very day, and the
following day my symptoms had disappeared! Also, in a few short weeks,
the rather large area of scar tissue I had was reduced some 40%. The scar
on my skin is now pink and in the process of being eliminated. And the
very deep crease between my eyebrows, which I have had all my adult life,
has diminished to the point of almost being totally flat. It looks like I
went to a plastic surgeon and got a Botox injection! My husband was
amazed, as were my friends. I now carry a photo taken of me recently to
show the difference! I am telling everyone I know about your discovery.
I can't wait to see the look of surprise on the faces of my doctors when I
see them in six months! By then I am sure there won't be any scar tissue
left, and they had just told me that I would have to live with it for the
rest of my days! NOT! Since I have no website of my own to post a
click-thru to yours, I simply tell people. Thank you from the bottom of
my heart for improving the quality of life for me and my friends and
family. Before I am through, everyone I know and love will have the
opportunity to experience the marvelous results I have.


Deborah Morse

Deborah Morse <>


March 31st, 2001

I've been wearing the Neodymium rings for about 3 months now. I gave the rings ample time to see what they could actually do for me. I noticed a surge going through my body as soon as I put them on. When I go to sleep properly, without having anything to eat within 4 hours of bed, I notice they work 100x better. I swear, I actually look younger in the morning when I wake up. I'll look in the mirror and my face will look more beautiful than when I went to sleep.

I notice a surge of oxygenation in my body when I put the rings on. I notice increased circulation to the problem areas of my body. I have had a problem with cholesterol buildup and gallstones, and I found the rings work exactly as Alex says, when he says that cholesterol builds up at the site of tissue damage. I feel the rings are breaking up the cholesterol. I can actually feel the rings doing so.

I've had an increase in energy, well-being, and I am pretty sure my IQ has gone up 10-20 points. That's just an estimate, but I feel A LOT smarter. Answers to problems and questions come easier, and I feel more creative.

I can say with assurance that these rings are the real deal, and they are a reverse-aging device. If these rings could catch on mainstream, a lot of people would improve the quality of their lives. The only problem is, that people are so closed minded, that they'll never accept the fact that they can reverse the aging process.

Mark <>

Dr. Gerrard Semosa on December 20, 2002

I am a doctor working in Africa. One of my patients recently lost a hand in a sawmill accident. With the poor resoruces available, I had no choice but to try more unorthodox methods to help the man - luckily, I had been wanting to build one of your devices for some time, and had magnets available. I reattached the man's hand as best I could and placed magnets on the wrist, in the same manner as you would with the rings. He regained feeling in his hand overnight, and within just a few weeks was using it again.

Thank you, Mr Chiu, from a very grateful doctor.

Bob Silver of MD

Feb. 22th 2002

Hi, I have had low energy and a problem with flatulence, but after 4 weeks of using your discovery, my reborn little guy is standing at attention when I'm aroused... after nearly two years of frightened turtle syndrome!

I do not think it is a placebo because I have been able to regularly maintain my erection for almost 3 weeks from the first signs recovery.

My wife also commented on my new found zest for life and will probably order a set for herself. I would recomend purchasing or building your magnetic invention for anyone that was in the same situation as I, although just buying it makes it quicker and easier to try it out.


Bob Silver <>

From Charles (

Hi Alex,

Since last December, I have my family and some friends on the rings+braces.. they are all having different positive results.
-Myself: I have been using neo rings+neo footbraces; I feel just great, lots of energy, my 25 years old knee problem is gone, growing more hair, some getting darker, lots of more energy, clear thinking, more calm and creative, life is good again, Alex, Thank you....

-My father: knee problem getting better, more energy, his prostate problem getting better, more calm, and positive about life in general. He also reports having intense dreams, sleeping far better. Do you believe the rings will help him on his diabetes and vision problems??

-My mom: sleeping better, intense dreams, more energy, feeling right now some dizziness, and stomach problems, I believe she is in the process of healing some old health problem (what do you think??....)

-My brother at the beginning complained about having to get up many times during the night (washroom..kidness working in excess, probably healing some old problem), but now everything is normal again. He has also intense dreams, sleeps very well, and lots more energy. He also has far more sexual energy...

-My sister: she is feeling really tired using the rings, although she also sleeps very well, with intense dreams.. I believe her body is just in the healing process also, making her more tired,needing more rest..she has many different conditions in need of healing, and it wil take a while for her to really feel good, but I always tell her to be persistent, keep using them everyday...

-My friends Paul and Leah: they say they feel very good using the rings/footbraces, sleeping better, more dreams, and more energy. Leah is doing better with her arthritis problems, with almost all pain gone.

That is it for now Alex, I will let you know how we are all doing in few months...

Everybody asked me to thank you once more!!

Charles <>

January 17th 2002
from Mike

All right people, I'm 23 and I've been using Alex's rings for a year now, exactly. (Got my Neo rings last January.) Now, I experienced all the great things you guys are experiencing, right after I first put them on... but for those of you newer users, let me tell you what's happened after a year of use.

At first, I got laughed at by a few skeptical peers, for obvious reasons... they'd say things like "How can these things really work? That's ridiculous!" and I basically looked like a joke. Well, nowadays, they are singing a different tune.

You're going to have to take my word on this because I have no pics to prove it yet, and I hope to get some scanned soon... but after a year of using these rings, I honestly look a few years younger. I'm not exaggerating this at all. I don't look my age, and it's baffling both me and everyone else in my life. I'm a 23 year old male, and most people tell me I look 17 or 18. Ironically, three years ago, when I was 20, I looked about 23 or 24. I show some older pics of me to people I recently met, and they say it looks as if I went into the future and took a picture of myself when I was older... when in fact, I was really younger.

To be more specific, I now have a thinner, more defined figure, though I haven't changed my diet or exercise habits any. I have wider, brighter eyes, a noticeably thinner, smoother face with fewer lines in it, and a general, overall healthy glow. People at work and in the community are always telling me "wow, you're looking so good and youthful lately! What's your secret?" And the ones who laughed a year ago are now starting to really wonder. Hehe, this is kind of a taboo to some people, but honestly I've noticed that sex feels noticeably better and more satisfying, too. ;-) Anyone else notice that?

Anyway, bottom line, I look and feel physically like I've been thrown right back into my high school years, and I'm loving it. For those of you having trouble sleeping on them, be patient... you get used to it, and trust me it becomes well worth it in the long run.

I'll be keeping in touch!


January 17th 2002


December 9th, 2001

Compliments on the exceptionally fast service, detailed directions, and design of the finger rings. The power of the neodymium rings is far greater than I expected.

Bob Holsem

Robert Holsem <>

From Deborah Morse  Oct. 15, 2002

Dear Alex-
  Well, it has been six months since I first discovered your website and
began using the magnet rings.  I thought I'd pass on an update to the
testimonial I wrote back in April.  I saw my oncologist today.  The last
time I saw her was the day I found your site.  She was astonished, as was my
surgeon last month, at how wonderful I am looking and feeling.  The year
2001 was mostly spent battling breast cancer.  Even though I had a very
large and aggressive tumor, I opted for a lumpectomy, which the surgeon
agreed to do after four injections of chemotherapy had reduced its size.
More chemotherapy followed the surgery, and then 7 weeks of radiation after
that.  What I had left was a large lump of scar tissue and the rest of the
breast tissue had been hardened to a cottage-cheese-like texture by the
radiation.  I was told that this is what I would have to live with for the
rest of my life, and I accepted this as a small price to pay for living.
  Today, my doctor saw for herself my miraculous transformation.  Not only
is the scar tissue 1/3 the size it was, and getting smaller all the time,
but it is now softer, too.  And the surrounding tissue is totally normal.
She is going to wear the rings, now, too, after seeing for herself what they
have done for me.  Once she experiences for herself all the benefits, I am
sure she will recommend them to patients, even though magnetic therapy is
not endorsed by the AMA.
  I tell everyone that for me, it's a habit to fall asleep with my rings on.
In fact, if I try to fall asleep without them, it doesn't feel right- kind
of like driving without a seatbelt.  My life has been totally changed for
the better thanks to these devices.  I thank you from the bottom of my
heart.  I have received many inquiries via email from readers of my first
testimonial, which I have happily replied to.  If anyone has any further
questions for me, feel free to email me.

Deborah Morse

December 9th, 2001


Thanks a lot for sending the regular rings, I am now waiting on the neo

Asdie from some worries I have about the rings (seems too good to be true,
striving of spiritual path gone, now just a ring solves it all, also I worry
it might be bad karma to wear and to be ATTACHED to the ring and the
effects, if you have any comments here to help me they would be gratefully
recieved), I feel very real and extremely positive effects, the energy is
now flowing to my feet and the energy I always feel in my head has become
much more powerful, also my mind is worrying less more centered and
confident, like I wrote above, almost seems too good to be true.

Thanks a lot for that and for the nei rings which are being shipped right
now, I am really looking forward to see how those affect me, this invention
you have I think is really incredible, it changes the world, I wonder how
something so simple could have been missed and also how somethign so simple
has such drastic effects.

Thanks again for sharing this with the world,


Simon <>

I firmly believe that scientific tests must be made before this invention is accepted as valid.

I am a physicist so I know some statistics and I made some tests by myself on some friends of mine.
I did not told them what the device is supposed to do and I made them wear the rings.
Around 60% of them felt and effect, that is increased heart rate and/or better blood circulation and/or kind of itch on hands.

I have 3 regulars pairs (that I had for free due to clicks on my website ) and I built one by myself. I also have 1 Neo pair (that I had for free), that is really very strong (everybody feels and effect with them).
I would like to make more tests but I need several rings (say 10+ regular and 5+ Neo). A doctor may assist me.
I will continue to exchange my clicks for rings...

Fabrizio Coppola <>
Italy -

When I was 21 I started getting a couple of wrinkles on my forehead right above my nose. They got worse over the next few years because I make an angry face alot I guess. People say I look so angry all the time. Anyway, after using the rings for three months the wrinkles looked so much smoother. And now after six months my skin looks even smoother and the place where the wrinkle was its like the tissue built up there under where the wrinkle was. I dont think anything could have done that beside the rings. Now Im 26 and my face is smoother than when I was 22.
Jimmy, December 3rd, 2001


Jan 12, 2001 By njamijr

I just don't know how to thank you men.Your invention is VERY INCREDIBLE and those who dare use it are in for the most pleasant SUPRISE in their life!.I am such a lucky one.I built my own rings about two weeks ago by stacking a few ceramic magnets on top of each other.I have noticed sharper vision and clearer hearing,My doctor had told me I had a crooked nasal septum which had eventually lead to hearing problems,he said the only way to correct it was by surgery but now My hearing is soo sharp I am confident that he will change his mind about the surgery when I see him soon.Also my workmates comment how much younger i look (am 27 but look 22 therebout) this only in TWO WEEKS!!.I also noticed when I take the stairs running I don't pant or feel fatigued like I used to.I have noticed better muscle tone.trimmed fat around the stomach area and gained a leaner look.I used to load on creatine when I go weight lifting but now I train with the magnets on which gives me more power and endurance.I am now ordering the neodymium rings since they are much more powerful than my crude homemade ones.

I can only imagine how much better it gets with Neodymium rings and foot braces.I am eagerly anticipating.

If I write all the good things I have seen this would be really long but If anyone want more information about my experience write me:-  an i will reply. In the mean time am enjoying every single day of my life.It feels like starting ALL OVER again.I thank you Alex for making this info available to all. I will tell many more about your invention.

From Monica Gertsson
Jan 20th, 2001

Hi Alex
Here are some of the testemonies.

I am 53 year old lady. I have had fibromyalgia since -79, and living in  a cold climate like Sweden is not the best for me. The pain have been  terrible, to the point that I was not able to get out of bed. I also  have diabetes type II and Fatigue Syndrome. And overweight. And my  eyesight was getting worse due to my diabetes. I can with a strikt diet  hold my suger down. But lately have not.  I started with the regular Eternal Life devices both rings and  footbraces early november 2000.

I could feel a tingling in my fingers just after 30 seconds putting them  on. I thought, this can be true. Nothing can react so fast. So I  took them off again. And put them on after 10 min. Sure enough, the same  sensation in my fingers. That night I slept very good, with very strong  dreams. And I have not slept for not even two hours straight before,  this time seven hours. That have not happend in at least 20 years. And  in four days, I woke up and could move without problem, still some pain,   but not as much. And had very vivid dreams, and I am working with  dreams, and have dreamcourses. So it is very good.

After one more week, I got the footbraces. And wow, after just one  night, I got out of bed without pain. That have not happend in years.  But in a few hours after I have taken the rings and footbraces off the  pain starts to come back, but only half as much.  That was not enough, being overweight I felt I had shrinked my flesh a   bit, that was the feeling every morning, but again after a few hours, it  felt the same as before. And another big advancement is my eyesight, it  improved so I had to get new glases. This is getting expensive, hehe.  But worth it.
Mentally I am more positive and content. I am not as worried as before.  That is a great effect for someone who have been burned out before.  I also have gotten rid of my Fatigue Syndrome, that stays away even when  I am off the magnets for hours.

After two months of use, I have realised, that I don need as much  vitamins as before to do the same effect. It seems like with a higher  circulation the body can utulize it better.  In Sweden is also a test being done at one big Hospital with patients   that have depression. That is helping a lot. That can some of my friends  who bought the rings agree too also.

I have now used the magnets for little over three months. And once  again, did I have to change glasses. And finally, the sugar seems to  have dropped slightly. But the hunger is getting more intense. I use to  do Qi-Gong before, and just using these devices for three months is more  than one year of Qi-Gong, much more. I am also growing my hair much  faster. And the texture have change. It is kind of softer texture. And  finally I am in so much less pain now after using the devices for three   months. And this time the pain does not come back.  And they are actually very good to have when you meditate. I seem to  move into a deeper state faster with them on. Contemplation with  visualization is also going very good with them on.

I am not looking at making the body eternal, since I believe I as soul  live for eternally anyway, but who would not mind, having a young  looking body when leaving. I will continue with an update on my progress  as well as my friends. And eventually I will get neodyme rings and  footbraces to see if there is a speed up in my progress. But looking  younger I believe I need stronger stuff like neodyme. But these magnets  are my friends. Will not part from them for the world. So please try it  out. You never regret it. 

Some of my friends progress. One of my friends Anette, 40 years old. She is a Qi-Gong instructor. She is amazed at how fast the circulation moves. She have not had her period for 7 years. That started with wearing the Eternal Device rings for only one month. She sleeps much deeper and more vivid dreams. She also got pimples again. So we joke with her and told her she have turned into a teenager again. Before you know it, we are in the crib with the bottle hehe. Just joking. Her friend who have had reumatic pain and have not slept one night through for years, slept the first night in years, wearing the rings. He feels better overall.

Another friend Christel, she also have fibromyalgia, her pain is much less too. And she sleeps better,a dn have been able to get rid of her antidepressant.

My 18 year old daughters allergy is getting less. she have much better concentration in school, she have actually raised her grades. But she have a hard time going to sleep. so she can not wear them every night. But if she have not had them for one night, then her concentration drops.

There will be 5 more testimonials coming in so stay tuned.

Alex, I am having clients that I am not able to leave out names, but they too have had incredible progress mentally. I am still waiting for this report fro the hospital. I told Joseph about it. I will send it as soon as I get it. Thank you for coming out with the devices. The very best. Monica.

Monica Gertsson


From Julian Michelucci, August 5th, 2000

Hey man, it is me the kid that kept calling you and emailin you some nasty shit. Hey, you were RIGHT about the magnets!! Guess what, PLEASE, I am beggin you to forgive my nosiness. Before, I weighed 178 pounds. I had a 21% body fat. Now, I have more muscle, a smaller gut, and I lost 16 pounds in like 1 or 2 weeks. I could not do a situp. Now I can. I could do one pull up. Now I could do 7. Before, I could run 1 miles tops. TODAY, my fourth time I worked out in the last six days. I RAN 3 MILES NON STOP!!!!!! I SWARE TO GOD. I SLEEP BETTER!!! IN SOCCER, I AM SO FAST NOW THAT I OVERUN THE BALL OFTEN!!!!! I SWARE, I THINK IT IS YOUR INVENTION. I CANT CALL YOU BECAUSE I AM FORBIDDEN, MY PARENTS HATE YOUR SITE. BUT I TELL YOU, I WENT FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO RUN 1 MILES TO BE ABLE TO RUN 3 MILES IN JUST A WEEK!!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU THINK IM TRYING TO BOTHER YOU BUT IM NOT!! I SWARE TO GOD HOPE TO DIE IM NOT. INFACT, CAN YOU EMAIL ME BACK ON HOW I CAN WRITE A TESTIMONIAL? IM SO SORRY MAN. THESE MAGNETS WORK, IF THEY DONT THAT MEANS IM SUPERMAN.

I found this interesting article at somebody else's web site.
His article is at the bottom part of

Below is the copy of that article:

day 1: Immediate results

Since I decided to write this article about Alex Chiu and biomagnetics, I actually built his "eternal life device". My hypothesis is that it MIGHT have effects on the body, but if so, probably not for the reasons Chiu believes.
If you read the Patent or the page on his site, you'll see each ring is just a ring with a magnet on either side. The magnet's poles are lined up so they attract each other. Then one ring goes on each pinky. One has the N side up, the other has the S side up. [and you can patent this???]
8 ceramic magnets cost $1.90 at home depot. I determined the north/south poles with a compas (about $5.00 at wal-mart) and labeled the north pole with stickers. I folded and then rolled two halfs of an index card to make the rings, and then taped everything stuff together. Since I have 4 extra magnets, I attached (magnetically) one spare magnet to each magnet on the rings.
I went to bed around midnight, and put the rings on. After a few minutes, I actually did feel something. It felt like a slight pressure on my face and chest, but from the inside. Some time later, I noticed my feet were quite cold (which is odd, since I've been walking around barefoot all day). I turned on a small space heater. I woke up around 4:00AM. It's 4:15 now. Four hours sleep is quite unusal for me. However, I've been staying up until 6:00 or 8:00 in the morning the past couple days, so maybe my body thought I was just taking a nap. :)


From David Watt

Dear Alex. I am updating you on my contiuned use of your finger rings. I have now used them for (if i can remember =) 5 months i think. maybe even 6. who knows. Anyway, i have always worn them apart from just one week when i got lazy. Before i started using your rings as i told you i got really be acne. So bad i had contiuned to try differnent methods and tablets. Nothing had worked. Since using your rings my face has never been better. My real father who i do not oftern see has always mentioned how good my face looked when i visited him and his family. Its so good to be able to go into the bathroom and poor cold water over my face and acually feel it so smooth over my face. its great.

I might seem to get just one or two acne spots now and then, but they seem to go very quick within a day or two. really amazing. Ive also noticed my hair has grown very fast. and gotten very full (thick) I have always worried about going bald and losing my hair. I kept worrying about it alot, and im only 20 years of age. Im just hoping that the rings will stop just that. Maybe the foot braces would be very good for this, which ive yet to buy from you. I will do so when i save my money.

Alex. I have done my best to tell people about your eternal life device. It has been really hard. I now understand what you must go through with people telling you your nuts. Well thats just what my family and friends tell me. It sure is sad. Well the way i look at it is that when they grow very old they will finally look at me and realise i was right all along. I even tell them that the rings have cleaned up my face, they just think its just my age. However i just KNOW it isnt. The only hard thing about being able to not age, is that everyone around me incl my family and friends are going to age and one day die. and this will be very hard to watch. Im loving your rings very much. I have also found im dreaming a lot to at night. very incredable. Thanks Alex. Your definalty the best. Keep up your hard work!!!

David. A friend in New Zealand.


From: Shona Hewitt

Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 7:59 PM
Subject: Update Message from David Watt

Dear Alex. How are you mate. I just wanted to quickly write to you with an update with how the finger rings/foot braces are going for me. I can't remember now how long its been that ive used them (a long time now i guess :) At this stage all i can say alex is your magnet device(s) are the best. Im very happy to have found your site. The sad news is i still cant really use the foot braces (they are just too dam strong for me) My body tends to automatically kick them off my feet during the nite. However the ringer rings are the next best thing. Over the long months that ive been using these magnets ive done my VERY best to get others into this alex (incl my parents) Its just very sad that they just look at ya thinking yer nuts. Well personally mate, ive pritty much given up on them. Sorry. The only way i can put it is (its there loss) If they think im crazy and talk about your magnets and other things of the like then its not worth sharing it at all. I hope you can forgive me, but ive tried. However mate, i shall contiune to use them myself, and if anyone along the way asks then i shall share it with them if they want to hear. I just want to wish you with all the best with your device. I know you will suceed big someday soon. keep up the kewl work. P.S I no longer have the email address   . As i notice you still have it located on your website. Im currently using my mothers address. If you want to pop this message onto your site it would be greatful if you left it out. I will be in touch with you again soon mate, as i will be wanting to purchase your latest finger rings (ie the stronger ones) DAVID WATT

Posted by Jane on April 27, 2000 at 13:21:21:

Dear Alex,
With regards to my message posted on April 05, Its my pleasure to keep you update of my progress. The previous message I commented was, I don't see or feel (physically) any improvement. Maybe I’m being too excited and impatient, expecting like “Abracadabra” I would look younger my wrinkles would be gone the next morning. Like everybody they can’t wait to see them self-looking younger.

Although my fine lines are still there, I would like you to know recently I realized I looked prettier. Something about my face when I look myself in the mirror I do look prettier. I can’t tell what and why makes me look better, as far as I’m concern, my wrinkles are still there, I do not find my face glow or firmer either, but I do look prettier. So I thought well….., maybe my mind is playing trick on me. Until Three days ago, I visited my friend whom we have not met for about 4 months, commented that I look different. She too couldn’t tell what and why I look different but just simply better looking me. Even my boyfriend commented recently that I look prettier and that my eye bags have improved. Well, what can I say Alex, but a big THANK YOU. Can’t wait to see the younger me with wrinkles free and smoother skin.

Alex, I have keloid scar on my left arm. Can your ring help to heal the scar and stop the growth? What about cellulite? Can your device get rid of cellulite or would it only help to reduce the appearance? Lastly, when can I expect to buy your better and more powerful device, which you are inventing now?



from Colin K Mullin at the PIANO Advisory   December 2nd, 2001

I'm 57 years old ... I received the rings on October 24th.  Once an enthusiastic and very fit Aussie bushwalker, nagging pains in my left knee had made conditions at times somewhat uncomfortable.  In May 2000 a fall from a ladder badly jarred the same knee ... and so ended my favorite outdoor activity!  Being unable to bend the knee properly, squatting was impossible and kneeling quite painful.  X rays revealed nothing serious, but the passing of time brought no improvement. I adapted & learned to live with it.

Some weeks ago your flashing banner caught my attention and I discovered Alex Chiu's "million dollar" challenge. Very clever that!  Became obsessed with the idea of trying out the rings. For free. Maybe just for laughs ...I mean, Chinese herbs, massage techniques, acupuncture and so forth might? have a place.  But MAGNETS ???

Well look. The inventor makes it possible to try these magnetic rings of his for FREE !
So, Cheapskate that I am ... I did the work - got the freebies!

But really Alex, in order to qualify I spent way too many hours finding ways to direct other people to your website.

What I'd urge others to do, is disregard the "Free" option, save yourself a heap of time and simply pay for the product. The fact is Alex does promise a refund if you aren't satisfied.  Now whilst I've always been mistrustful of such claims, clearly Alex Chiu's reputation & future prospects tend to suggest that he can be trusted to fulfill that promise.

In any event, it's unlikely that anyone having worn them would bother to return the rings anyway!
Let's face it - who doesn't know someone with health concerns of one sort or another?   Truth is that Even If The Rings Didn't Work* For Me, I'd still want my family and friends to enjoy any "benefits" they might produce - whether real or 'imagined'.   So Alex, I guess you can give such assurances without much to fear in the way of returns and refunds.


Magnets ? Coincidence ?? Wishful thinking ???

Well Something's happened. The condition described above has all but disappeared !
I really wasn't expecting anything quite THAT dramatic Alex - not in just 24 HOURS anyway.

Since wearing them for the first time NOT A SINGLE RECURRENCE.  For the first time in 17 months I can squat comfortably on my haunches ...   I can even sit on my heels - shins to the floor. NO PAIN. And now after two weeks of wearing the magnets every day, you can be sure that I am a whole lot less skeptical than I used to be

But my wife Christine isn't happy. She wanted to try them out too.   With only one pair and ol' Pianoman claiming exclusive ownership, the world's second greatest cynic ( more interested than she cares to admit ) has made clear what she wants...

(My order is attached.)

What's strange is I hadn't given any thought to this device making any difference to the condition of my knee.  I was simply intrigued by the prospect of any change in, on or to this ageing person after perhaps a month or two.  With your health claims including a convenient disclaimer in regard to older people - ie "rejuvenating effects might not be noticed for some time" - I'd have been content with being able to report any little improvements anytime in the future.

Before trying the "Device"- so that my judgement shouldn't be impaired by silly notions of improved outlook, "better Blood flow" "more energy" and the like, I prepared a list of known ailments with the intention of recording "sensations" at the start of each day therafter.

Fact is I'm a 57YO with plenty of intimate details to write about  There's Eyesight, Fingers, Toes, Knee, Shoulder, Back, Neck, Skin, Teeth, Hair ("what hair?")
all under increased assault by the "old man" syndrome inevitability taking a potshot on a regular basis.  When you get to my age its a matter of facing reality and a waiting for the Next one.
Eternal life? Not for me thanks. I really have NO interest in the Live Forever concept. I admit to being attracted by the prospects of looking "younger" ... but I didn't go instantly to the mirror and count the wrinkles or anything before trying the rings.
Now though - you've got me wondering!

Congratulations. Another convert. I'll try to be more flexible in my thinking from now on.
Maybe I won't bother keeping a diary of my impressions after all - except perhaps to record any significant changes as the weeks pass.  But as you'll have gathered, I am impressed.
And EXCITED too!!!  So I will be keeping a close eye on what happens ... and you'll be among the first to know if and when things occur.

Many thanks Alex
Long life and Good Health to you!

from Colin K Mullin at the PIANO Advisory

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 04:05:51PM -0700, Carl Johan Madestrand  wrote:

I'm a 20 year old guy from Sweden. I've been using the magnetic rings since the month of July this year. I discovered this website    one day when i was bored since about 8-9 months ago or so.

Of course I had my doubts about seeing this. But as I am an open minded person I did not laugh at this. I found most of his philosophy and theories very interesting. So finally, after a few months I decided to give the rings a try. I signed up as a member on the affiliate program, I earned some clicks and received the free normal strength rings within a week to my  home in Sweden.

I was QUITE suprised to say the least. I did not feel any effect from them  after a week, I did not feel any effect from them after a month. What I felt from them I felt by IMMEDIATELY putting them on.  This DEFINITLY suprised me. Okay so what did I feel? The immediate effects. I think you could sum it up as this:

* Increased blood circulation
* Body getting warmer
* A state of general well being I guess you could say
* A feeling of my blood flowing better or the feeling of amplified energy throughout my body (?)

Some of the feelings I get from these magnetic devices are actually hard to explain. But in a nutshell I think those four caractheristics are what I  would categorise as Immediate effects of these devices.

Lets go on to the first night of using these rings. It was a very interesting night with a quite interesting lack of sleep. I could not sleep until many  hours after. It was not suprising really. Considering the overwhelming feelings from these rings. Tingling sensations all over my body. My heart was pounding faster. I was getting pretty damn hot, I had a sense of my body healing and a funny feeling in my head.

Waking up the day after Is also something I think I will never forget. I was very energetic even after several hours lack of sleep, I generally felt very good.

It took about 2 weeks and then I had strange burning kind of feelings in my eyes, I noticed my eye sight was in fact getting slightly better with time. This improvement stopped after approximately a month. Decreased eye sight can be due to many things, but it may be worth to notice that my sight was getting worse before the use of these rings.
I have astigmatism and near sightness.

I dont think a month even passed by and I tried eating food which I have  always been allergic too. Im allergic to larger quantities of eggs and many kinds of fish. So far I have tried eating a few types of fish which im  allergic too and larger quantities of eggs without any problems.

Skin problems is something which has annoyed me terribly throughout my entire life. In my experience there doesn't seem to be anything that beats these rings when it comes to dry and bad skin really. Most of my skin problems are gone today. I used to be forced to use skin lotion atleast every time after a shower. Lets not even talk about after shaving. I have noticed a dramatic effect on my skin. Like my hands for example,
I always had to put hand lotion on them before. Never more, they look and feel almost perfect. Could it be the tremendous increase of blood circulation which also has a positive effect on the skin? I have just noticed a very dramatic effect on my skin.

Then we have the issue of the general state of well being throughout the day. Since I first started using them I have not been sick. Not a cold, I have not had a flu.  I normally get colds a lot,  I don't even get nasuea, headaches or stomach aches.    If I don't poison myself by powerful drinking lots of alcohol or something, I just feel extremely well, powerful strong, energetic.  Im being completely honest here.

So is this the key to immortality?  I don't know, but its an incredible health device thats for sure.

A big thank you to Alex Chiu.

Merry Christmas people.  Im CC'ing this to Alex Chiu aswell, you may put it up on your testimonial page if you wish to and you may include my email address.    Carl Johan Madestrand

From David Yeo     Subject: Re: hello from Alex Chiu
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2000 03:13:45 EST

Thankyou for you understanding. I like how you done to your website by the way.

Please void the first order I made earlier and charge on credit card I gave you. This is new order. 3 Pair of foot braces which includes 3 Pair of ring and (3) extra Pair of free ring

Thus, 6 braces and 12 rings. Hope this clarifies everything and save me money, thanks to you. I am very likely to make another other in near future.

To answer your question:
My aunt visited my grandmother not to long ago and before she left, she told my grandmother there is more dark hair growing. So out of my curiousity went down there and checked her hair but I wasn't able to make any difference since I see her so often. I told my aunt about the ring and now she wants one too. One thing for sure is that my grandmother has been wearing for year and she is still healthy (87yrs old). She lost the ring for 3 days and she was getting cramping pain on her legs, which was norm before she had the ring on. I'll keep you posted if there is any sudden changes in health after using that foot braces.

David Yeo

Name: Paul Scorp
Subject: Aboout the foot braces.
January 10, 2001

Dear Alex, Your rings are awesome, i wake up feeling refreshed and i am noticing that a old knee injury (loss of some cartilage & ACL surgy)is not aching in the mornings as it used to. Thank you! Will you please let me know as soon as possible when i can buy an Electric Magnetic Coil that you speak of? Thank you,Paul Scorp

Your rings helped me add at least a year to my life so far!!!
Posted by Pandabear on October 18, 2000 at 15:14:22:

Six months ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease and the doctors said I had only 4 to 5 months max to live. I was scared, so I started looking for help, but did not find any. Then, at a support group, someone told me to see your site and check the rings out. I did not believe in this stupid crap, but I was very desperate and wanted to try anything. I was scared of being sick and dying. I bought a pair of rings, and tried them on. My parents said they were stupid and I should not rely on them. But then, when we went to the hospital 2 weeks later, the doctor was astonished that my disease was actually improving and no longer degressing. They said they had never seen anything like it, and wanted to do more tests. Weeks later, I feel better than ever, and cannot wait to see how much more the rings will work for me. I am even considering buying some foot braces to use with my rings. Its the best thing ever!


Posted by Eugene Atwood on November 18, 1999 at 21:54:22:

well i got the rings for free from a refferal service you set up, and either these rings really do work, or they just have a remarkeable placibo effect on me. i've been wearing the rings for about a week and a half now, and i have seen actual effects. i had chest surgery a few years ago, because my ribs had grown in crooked, and they needed to be repaired . . . what the surgery basically was was cracking my ribs and pushing them into place.

from this surgery, i experienced a few discomforts. when i didn't wear a shirt, it felt sort of as if my ribcage was pushing against my skin in a way it shouldn't be. also, on the right side of my chest, if you scratched there or something, you'd be able to feel a tingly sensation symetrically on the other side of my chest. also, there is a scar.

over the past week, since i started wearing the rings, i've noticed the following:

the scar has turned from a deep purple to a faint pink . . . i actually have to point out to people the scar if i show them my chest. the strange nerve problem where i could feel what was going on the right side of my chest as a tingle on the left side of my chest is almost gone, and i don't have that akward feeling of my ribs pushing outwards.

also, i have a skin pigmentation on my stomach which is caused by a fungus of some sort, which makes part of my skin look tanner then all the rest. after having this for 4 years, it's turned into what seems to be a rash and is flaking away.  i usually have one of those 7 month colds . . . where you get a cold in october and it doesn't go away until spring sometime . . . but that seems to be gone.

i've also been getting much better rest . . . i have a hard time getting to sleep but when i do wake up, i feel great.

so i just want to say to you guys, that i stand behind alex chiu and his device. i originally didn't think it would do anything, but it seems to be working.  on another topic, here is an interesting link. i'd like to hear your opinion on it . . . it's a democratic school.


----- Original Message -----
From: Benjamin Campbell
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 1999 7:12 PM
Subject: Your WONDERFUL eternal life products.

 I am so grateful to have found the secret to eternal life.  I am 87 years old. Before your rings I could barely get out  of bed. Now I run 10 miles a week. I had old age spots all  over my bald head. They have all disappeared, and I have even  grown back a lot of my hair in huge clumps everywhere! I had trouble  urinating and it sometimes burned when it came out. Now I can hardly stop  it! My wife suffered from sever constipation due to throbbing  hemorrhoids. The only problem with your rings is they worked too well. Now the flood gates are open! Do you thing it was a bad idea to put the ring on my male member? I tried that and I received a very violent erection. It  was exactly what my wife had wanted for years. But after the erection, I  couldn't get the ring off again. It was great for the first couple of days, but it was embarrassing how people would stare at the bulge in my pants. It turned blue, but I guess that's just the ring doing its job. I owe these  wonderful changes to your rings. I look forward to living forever with my  wife in eternal bliss.

 Your friend and believer,

 Ben Campbell


Posted by Dye on January 12, 2001 at 06:28:18:

I must say that the rare earth devices are very
powerful! I just wanted to know the relative age
reduction per day with use of the rare earth rings in
relation to the use of the rare earth foot braces. I
wear both at night, and they really give me lots of
energy. I was wondering about how much per day the
use of these devices turns back your biological clock.
I know that it depends on the age and condition of the
person, but I'm sure that you have a general, ball
park figure for approximately how much they would
improve one's health.

From Eugene Brahms
As promised, here is my testimony
Date: Thursday, November09, 1999 3:03PM

Alex, I want to thank you once again for your devices.  I have discolourization of the stomach for many years.  After using your devices each night, it seems to go away now.  Before I wear your Foot Braces and rings, I had to be very careful of what I eat.  If I overate, I would have severe stomachache.  From time to time I feel rubbing of the skin in my stomach which worried me a lot.  Your devices seem to have cured my stomach disease.  Nice talking to you this afternoon.   I will call you a few weeks later to let you know my progress.  Thank you once again. 

Posted by Hannah K. on April 21, 19102 at 22:05:06:


I posted here about a year ago. So, I thought it timely to followup with results. I have used the rings and braces consistently for the last 16 months. They go everywhere I travel. The powerful results continue, especially when combined with the green tea & ginseng.

btw, I have added a new supplement to my regimen, i.e., Microhydrin (a free radical scavenger). I have had great results with this combination for the last four months. I have greatly improved my performance in sports and activities that were heretofore daunting. Forget illnesses, I am past that now. My sports performance and endurance is killer.

If anyone out there has tried the Microhydrin product in addition to Alex's devices, please email me directly. I am interested in any research and case studies of this combination. Please don't write though if you are only a few weeks into the rings-- I am tracking long term and consistent use of the rings combined with the Microhydrin.

Thanks so much Alex. I love my rings!

Posted by Charles Atallah on December 11, 2000 at 11:57:16:

Hi Alex;
im a member affiliate,a new one,im an alternative medical practitionor,practicing in canada,i work with electricity,magnets and so on,hundreds of people have been helped and cured with the application of my techniques and recomendations,i invite you to visit my web site, will see on the first page the importance of electricity,and by consequences electro magnetic field,they are interconnected......
to make it simple and brief;
1- i made an order for the neodmiyum ring
2- i would like to tell you that im already using strong magnets as foot braces they definatly work......
a lot of energy,increase mental capacity,erasing aging lines,i know the effect of placebo effect believe me this is not what is hapening.
3-i would like to receive the neodmiyum as soon as possible so i can wear them and keep posting you about my corrections.....
im suffering from sickle cell anemia,any change in my blood circulation is felt immediatly,and till now a lot of good feelings and state changes in my personna are hapening,if this will continue,a lot of peoples will be wearing your rings here in canada believe me.
i use to use high frequency devices with pads applied on the body for different ailments specially for chronic conditions( infective ones like arthritis which is caused basicly by mycoplasmas,see
Alex you are right in saying that the magnets will help fight infections,since they create an electic field,viruses bacterias and fungy dont like it and they will die ,many patented procedure describing the use of electricity is there for people to see and use,
people can check this on my web site,it will confirm what ever you said to them in your previous posts......
be carefull alex,continue on the this good track and line not to be trapped by the you know (F_A)they have the power and the arrogance to put people like you and i down.........dont be another DR burzinsky or Hulda know what i mean?////.........
pharmaceuticals are owned basicly51% by mafia members the rest by influencial persons they dictate to the officials what to do and say,......
continue your work it is great?!if you need any help dont hesitate to contact me,my experience and knoweledge is for every one,and specially for you,yes because you are a universal mind and spirit and you deserve it.bye for now,and take care.

From: Z P. Caswell

Thank you Alex Your rings are truly a miracle. I work 45-50 hours a week, all of it on my feet, and the rings have greatly eased my fatigue. Old scars have faded, aching joints relieved, and I have a newfound energy. All told the product is genius-I dont know how it works, and I'm very skeptical about your theories(no offense),  but it seems to be doing exactly what you said it would.   The product should certainly be tested in a clinical environment, sometime in the future-to determine actual conclusive data, as well as possibly improve the product.  If you need a salesperson in Ohio call me. I sincerely thank you,

Z P. Caswell


From Susan Wu

Dear Joseph, Ellen and Alex, Thank you for your E-mail of July 26th. I bought 2 pairs of Ferrite rings and one pair of neo ring with footbrace several weeks ago.  I used it myself and feel that the neo ring is much better and effective than the ferrite ring.  I bought one neo footbrace and feel the strong sensation too.  Even though the Ferrite rings does not have any sensation to me,  I am still keeping  it.  Generally I feel my health situation is changing gradually and slowly and I have a kind of confidence with your product.  I introduce this to a diabetic friend and hope he is going to get the same kind of neo footbrace as I have.    I told him the price and showed him the product and it is hard for me to change it now. If you can, please sell me the neo footbraces(even though it is not official yet)  with the neo ring at the same price as I paid before which is  $135.00.    And if my friend's diabetic situation is improved, I will be considering to be a distributor.  Please send me the Neo type only.  I would not like to have the Ferrite type.  Please have my credit card charged as before. The Ferrite bars were sending back to you yesterday. Please have the new order of neo footbrace processed asap and have the Ferrite bars credit back when you received it.  I truly think that alex Chiu did a great job and proud of him as a Chinese also.  If there is any new invention of his, please let me know even though probably it is not official yet.   God bless you all.  RSVP.   Susan Wu

These rings are making me younger! - John Stevenson 16:07:31 11/23/2000

Good Afternoon my friends. It appears as though these rings are causing a reduction in my age. My family, friends, and boss are asking me what cream I use for my face and body. I tell them I am not using any cream, rather I tell them I am using Alex Chiu's immortality rings. They are surprised because I look younger every week. Thanks Alex for the great product!

Rings do reverse aging!!!!!   Posted by Alex on July 07, 2001 at 23:28:23:

I have been using the rings for a little over two years now. I have noticed the following:

1) I feel better than when I was 18.

2) My stature in terms of weight and physique is of a 21 year old as my doctor tells me.

3) new people that I meet think I am 25 years old- however, I just turned 42!!.

Initially I was sceptical when I purchased the rings- but Im so happy that i did. The purchase of the rings have been the best investment I have ever made!!!

From:    Karl Erik Bj xrnhaug k.e. bj
Subject: Disappearing Wrinkles.
Date:    Monday, April 06, 1998 5:54 AM

Just wanted to comment on my experiences so far concerning the use of the braces and rings you invented.  It seems the skin looks better on my cheeks (lower face), while my forehead still have some wrinkles. Could it be that the healing -process start at the bottom of the face and end on top of it, making the h~r grow back etc? Just wondering. Have used your nngs and braces for about one and a half month.


Name: Bob Roberts
Subject: My addiction is gone

I have been wearing the rings for a little over a month now (self built) and have seen a tremendous improvement in my overall health. As I stated in my first post some time ago, I was a very heavy user of crack cocaine for about two years, which led to me losing my teaching job at Castabaner Elementary school in Winchuka, Indiana.

The school board gave me a months time to heal myself and said they would let me resume my teaching if they saw at least a marginal improvement (i.e. I no longer slept at my desk while the kids ran with scissors).

Well anyway, I saw Alex Chiu's site one day when a friend showed it to me as a gag and I was immediately intrigued by Alex's vast knowledge of magnets and electricity. I made my own set of rings as per his instructions and began wearing them immediately.

To sum up, I went from a crack head back to a second grade teacher in a matter of mere weeks. I owe Alex my job and my life. I have resumed teaching the class, and they are all happy to have me back (except for this one kid Leroy, who's mother got a little lippy at a parent/teacher convention and I hit her, but that is all in the past.) I am no longer the raving psyco that I once was and have even decided to teach the kids how to make their own set of rings. I have basicaly stopped teaching conventional science (bunch of idiots) and started teaching about Alex's theories.


Bob Roberts

Ever since i made my immortality rings from the instructions that you showed me, i have been able to walk again. Yes its true, I was crippled after a car accident. Your immortality rings gave me the strength and courage and also gave me a possitive chi and enough energy to get out of my bed and take baby steps to a better life. Thank you Alex Chou. You are a genius along with all other inventors of the past. I put you along with Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. I am working out now at a community center and lst week i finnally got a girlfriend for the first time in 8 years. Thank you Alex, I now beleive my Asian freinds when they say that the chinese are the smartest race in the world.

Have you ever read the Lord Of the Rings? They talked about a powerful ring in that book which gave you lots of power. I beleive in the ring because now i'm not crippled and i'm feeling great. But theres a side effect. Everybody calls me crazy when i tell them that immortality rings saved my life. I went to a counselor and he told me to ignor them. I even saw him laughing. Oh well please write back and tell me what i should do to avoid such confrontations.

Yours truly,   John

Posted by Sheila M. on April 27, 2002 at 16:17:53:

Hello again, I wrote twice before and still waiting for my answers so thought I would give an update while waiting for my last 2 questions dated the 17th & 18th.
I have Reflux and have been on Prevacid for the last 8 years. I ordered the rings a week ago and could not wait for them to come in so I went to WalMart and buy some magnets and did the best I knew how to figure the N & S of each magnet. Well I forgot my prevacid the next morning and usually my heartburn will come on and remind me of my medication but I never got heartburn. The next morning I took my medication. The next morning I thought I would try again to stop my diabetic pills and my prevacid. I also had a couple glasses of red wine which always brings on heart burn without my heartburn! Went to sleep and then next day no heart burn again. Oh by the way I am also taking the ginseng powder which taste so terrible and I am drinking green tea in the morning instead of coffee. I had to put the ginseng powder in capsules in order to take them. One teaspoon is equal to 5 capsules. Can't wait for my rings to finally get here and my foot brace. Will keep you updated.
sheila M


From:        Date:    Friday, May 01,1998 11:58AM

Giday Alex.
Im just writing again to find out for those with two sets of the finger rings would it be ok to wear the second pair on the toes of the feet? if so what would the layout be for the poles. or wouldnt this be a good idea to do?

Am still finding the rings great. At first it has taken me a little while to get used to them, but now i find them no problem. Boy, do i get some amazing dreams. Have also noticed my face skin is feeling great and my hair, well it just seems to grow very quick.

When i first started using them i found the energy a little too much, so i was getting resless when sleeping. However i thought i was getting enough sleep at night but really i wasnt because my body was always noticing the energy. But now as i say, now that my body has adapted to it it feels great. The only problem, i have to keep using them everynight otherwise i dont feel the same. meaning its sort of like a drug. You have to keep having it. Which is great:)
What are your future projects work??? Regards,


Name: Jon Cambell
Subject: my herpes is cured!

I became intrested in your rings after seeing a post on your msg board about curing gential herpes, a friend of mine owns 2 pairs and I took the extra, and guess what? My herpes is cured! I cant believe it, thanks man.

I made my own rings yesterday with neodymium magnets from a therapeutic elbow wrap. I took the magnets out, aligned them just as Alex instructed and taped them snugly on my fingers at bedtime. Of course, I was a little skeptical. However, this morning I noticed that not only has my elbow pain (ulnar neuropathy) stopped hurting altogether, but I am feeling more peaceful and happy than I've been in quite a while! I also have mild depression and today there has been no hint of that! I'm going to be ordering the real rings soon so as to not have to deal with the tape every night.

Thank you Alex!

Sol    June 15, 2001

Posted by Jona on June 30, 2001 at 12:52:23:

I just received the neodynium rings + footbraces that I purchased a week ago...I expected my rings in 2 weeks time, but the package has already arrived within a about good customer service.

Anyway, my first night with them felt great...I experienced strong tingling sensations in my hands. I suffer from arthritis in my left hip and knee. The day before i had gone dancing, and i expected usual stiffness & pain the following day. However, after using the rings for the first nite,I slept well and found that the stiffness & pain was much reduced, to the extent that it was unnoticeable....i can't wait to use it for a month to see what other positive effects it will do for me.

p.s. I have just requested for 4 pairs of normal magnetic for my dad, mom, wife & daughter......
The secret to good health should be given

From: Erick Pember  
Subject: I love your foot braces
Date: Friday, August07, 1998 4:16 PM

Dear Mr. Chiu,
One of my friends parents had purchased your foot braces, and to say the least, their effectiveness was understated. After three months of using it, they lately decided that they wanted other people to feel as lavish as they did, so we all put are names in a hat, shook it up, and mine was the one drawn. In less than a hour, i felt all tingly around my toes, and also, had decided to start playing sports, i hadnt even tried before. I am no longer the loser i had been.

Thank you, and enjoy the hidden message

Lawerence Doro called me and told me that his doctor warned him about the scar he carries on his right hand. The scar formally needed surgery. But after trying just the rings for 3 months, Doro told me that the scar disappeared, and he now is totally OK. He also said that after wearing my rings, he does not have eye strain anymore. He is so satisfied with my device and now want to become a distributor for my rings or foot braces. Call him up and order from him.

by Alex I Popa

Beloved Magnificent Radiant Spirits,

Please try to ship to me that neodymium foot brace as soon as possible.  I have a lot of energy from the rings I bought.  I would love to have them made with plastic ideally.  The magnets sell for 80$ according to a post on your bulletin board.    So, making the plastic foot brace from the 80$ magnets should not exceed 100$ I assume.  I hope it will be under 200$ given that I bought Nd rings too:)  I just graduated from MIT and was thinking yuou guys are fantastic.  Today is the first day I wear rings during the day and I have a great energy.:)  Thank you and have a most joyous great day full of bliss, inner peace and joy...  Yours lovingly in divine ecstasy and mathematical harmonious dance,

PS:  a poem for you both... (I like poetry)

~*~I love you NOW and forever~*~
Unconditionally accepting that which You ARE,
I witness my being throbbing with Cosmic Ecstasy.
Allowing the Infinite HERE... and the Eternal NOW... to BE,
I whisper a Timeless Song of Love unto You...:
Ever sincere and loving to yourSelf,
I can be at ease and graceful with mySelf.
Ever caring and forgiving with yourSelf,
I can relax in the juicy silence of my Inner Self.
Ever compassionate and understanding with yourSelf,
I harmonize the inner and outer worlds.
Ever truthful to yourSelf,
I unify my thoughts, words and deeds.
Ever spontaneous and fresh with yourSelf,
I can rejoice in the bliss of HERE and NOW.
Ever a joke and light unto yourSelf,
I can dance, sing, laugh and celebrate mySelf.
Ever devoted to your eternal Self,
I can always follow my Inner Voice and Joy.

HERENOWness, :)Childishness:) & :)Playfulness:)...,
Watchfulness, Stillness, Emptiness, Fullness & Wholeness, Gentleness, Humbleness, Softness, Sweetness & ~*~Oneness~*~, ~~~...~~~Harmony~~~...~~~, Euphoria, Divine Nectar...,
Of Infinite Eternal Unconditional Peace, Silence and BLISS...

Forever in Peace, Stillness and BLISS,
another yourself...


From Wouter Berger   January 5th, 2000

dear Alex,Thanks for the immortalitity rings and footbraces.Until now, after three  months there are many encouraging results for the poeple i have sold  them to as well as for myself.These results include more energy and  stability,happy feeling, loss of weight for wife and daughter etc. etc.

Yesterday I did the footbraces on my hands and wondered if that is done  and experimented with.It felt good but I wanted to ask you  why not for  the hands a same kind of device as for the feet. Would that not be more  powerful?
Also , a client of mine did the neodine rings on her ringfinger because  it was much to big even in smallest  possibility for her little finger  and next morning she had a fever which subsided by itself in the course  of the day.
I read that the little finger has come out as the best for eternal life  purposes? But could oit be that for certain diseases other fingers , or  again ,(why not) all of the fingers (and toes) are better because of the  acupuncture meridians going through them.
How did you make the decicion for the little finger?
I very much would like to hear your answer on these points before I try  to find out for myself.Or where can I read about it if you already  published about this?

Thank you very much in advance

Wouter Berger

Posted by Hannah S on April 09, 2001 at 00:57:57:

Dear Alex,

I was in the Bay Area for a conference (January 2001) when I read the article about you and your rings. As soon as I got back home, I immediately ordered your neodymium rings and braces. I use them each night and morning for about 12 hours.

I am a tall woman (46 years of age) and so after about 2 weeks, I was sleeping like a baby with them on. What I like about the rings is the vividness of my dreams and the fact that the joints in my hands, elbows and knees are nearly pain-free. As I have suffered from chronic tendinitis over the last ten years, this is a miracle.

I did not use the rings to "live forever" as much as I just want to improve my health. And this the rings are working in remarkable way to restore my former energies and vigour.

BTW, my husband also uses the rings as well. He reports the same results that I do-- less pain and great dreams.

Alex, if you need any "guinea pigs" to try new products, our household volunteers. You are really on to something wonderful. Please let us know as soon as you have new products available.

Thank you, so much!

Posted by Michael C. on March 20, 2001

Well, it's been about 2 months since I started wearing the neodymium rings. I have an interesting story that I swear is true. Last week I had some old pictures developed that were taken several months ago, and I was shocked when I saw myself in them... I looked a couple years older than I do now!! I see myself every day in the mirror, so I don't really notice myself "looking younger," but after I saw the photos I couldn't believe it. My face is now thinner and has less puffiness and better color, and also my chest is becoming trimmer and I'm slowly but steadily losing that annoying layer of fat on my belly that accumulated when I was 19. I'm now 22 but people are now telling me I look 17 or 18, and I think that's mostly due to the weight loss. I even got carded for seeing an R-rated movie the other night.

I went through some very strange sensations the first few weeks I had the rings, but now they are diminishing and my body is getting used to them. In fact a few nights ago I went to bed without the rings on by accident, and the next morning I felt a little weak because I didn't get the high bloodflow I had been getting lately.

There's only one problem... sometimes I get a little pain in my chest, and I'm wondering if that's because my heart is working too hard. Alex, you insist that an increased heartrate with these rings isn't unhealthy... are you sure? You've worn the rings longer than any of us; what is your heartrate like? I don't want to have complications with high blood pressure because of the rings; that's the only thing I worry about. Other than that, the product is working great!

Michael C.

Helped Mom's Rheumtoid Arthritis

Posted by Gail Baldwin on May 30, 2001 at 06:18:06:

Hi Alex,
Been awhile since I've posted. It's been 6 months since I started wearing your neo rings and footbraces and my severe back pain is still gone. Can't remember when I've enjoyed my life so much! But the reason Im posting this is to let you know that I ordered my Mother the neo rings 2 months ago. She has Rheumtoid Arthritis in her fingers and are twisted and painful. She is pain free and her stiffness has subsided. She just wanted me to let you know how greatful she is.


Posted by Gail on January 26, 2001 at 17:01:49:

Alex, It will be 3 wks tomorrow I have been wearing your rings and footbraces. When I ordered them I really was skeptical, but I have always had an open mind. I figured if they did work, I might just get rid of a few wrinkles. Little did I know that it would cure my lower back pain. I have had 4 bulging disk episodes and moderate to severe pain for the last 5 years. I have been to therapy, done the stick on magnets and the magnet belts and support belts and nothing helped. My doctor put me on Vioxx which worked for maybe a day and I was allergic to that by making numerous trips to the bathroom, but I took it anyway because I was desperate. One week after using the rings and footbraces I was pain free. I did not post anything on this site at that time because I wanted to be sure it wasn't just a coincidence. I am totally completely pain free still and off any medication. It's such a pleasure to be able to sleep soundly at night and be able to sit and stand long periods without pain. I have encouraged my twin sister to use your products because she is having back surgery in 3 wks. but she just laughs when I tell her that the devices have rid me of my pain. It's her loss the way I see it. I am so thankful to you and your devices, I mean that from the bottom of my heart and I am looking forward to more physical changes to come. Thank You and God Bless!


I really do believe I am feeling much more energy already! For the first time in many years, I am waking before my alarm and getting up feeling very alert, refreshed and energized. It is unbelievable! Till I got the rings, I was always late for work, in spite of setting three different alarm clocks. On weekends, I slept most of it away. Now I'm eager to get up and go. I am so encouraged and can finally look forward to a more zestful and robust life. (You have my permission to use my testimonials, if you wish) Thank you, Alex! You've really got something here. Warmest personal regards,

Marylyn Williamson


Posted by Gareth on September 12, 2000 at 20:27:26:

I bought the neodymium Rings off you about 2 weeks ago.
I am a skeptical person, and i`m not sure about living forever with them but these are the results i have obtained so far:
1)After the First night of use i woke up in the morning wide awake and refreshed, and felt really positive all day.
2)I keep looking in the mirror and i dont know wether this is all in my mind but i keep thinking i look younger.
3)I revise for a lot of exams and i notice when i put them on i get Laser Concentration.
4)I can tell when ive got them on as i can feel a feeling of calm and relaxation spread through my body and eventually in my head.

If things carry on like this i will buy the neodymium foot braces.

Posted by Miriam on February 06, 2001

My boyfriend thinks I'm guillible for buying the rings. However, the day after my first night of wearing them, I got the best sleep I have ever had in years, went to work and handled the disaster that occured there without wincing, and had enough energy to sprint to the train home and clean our apartment for our upcoming move. He's watching TV now, exhausted - and he went to bed earlier than I.  Whereas it usually takes me one to three hours to fall asleep when I go to bed, i was out in five minutes. My appetite has grown and my energy level is up. I don't start to fall asleep after lunch.  I told my boyfriend I would try it for one night, and if nothing happened, I would get rid of them.  He thinks it's pyschosomatic, but even if it is, feeling my age (21) as opposed to 51 has no less merit if it's only my mind fooling my body.  Placebo or not, this actually works.

I recieved the Immortality rings yesterday in the mail and with only one  day's usage I've noticed a difference in my facial blemishes clearing up and  a slight feel of a firmer stomach.  Anyway,  I'm also writing to you because  for the affiliate part of your website I can't log in.  I'm not sure if you  purposely removed it or not.  I followed the guidelines and did not promote  your site through any new services like you said not to.  So if you did  delete it purposely please reinstate it as I have several possible customers  under me that are interested.

Thank you,
Ron Studd Jr.

Hi Alex,

It's been over two years since we've last spoken on the telephone.  At that time, I ordered your foot
braces and also the rings (I also had a most delightful conversation with you).   After wearing them
for a few months, I stopped using them; however, I've, again, begun to wear them this past week.  I can already see the difference!  My facial skin has more color, my eyes are brighter, and my sleeping is more sound and deeper with more dreams. I had begun to show signs of reverse of aging;  With knowledge in various modalities of healing, including the nutritional aspects of body care, emotional release techniques, and yes, the spiritual approach, which is the most important foundation for us, I find your products to be on target as an external approach to this most attainable LIFE for us.

Have you read or been guided to the book, THE GENIUS FREQUENCY by John J. Falone?   This book can be read on the inter-net and/or you can order the book from the author.  Following this e-mail, I will send that information to you.  The book makes reference to the energy fields in and around the body.  With the individual cells of the body radiating a higher frequency of light through directing the energy fields from the heart-mind; thus, INCREASING the frequency of the energy bodies. This supports the reversing of the process of aging in the body. This is information you may wish to read.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warm Cordial Regards,

Mike Cobereti

By George Hackmen   11/20/2001

I posted earlier about losing a few pounds because of the rings. I've worn the normal rings for about 2 months now. When I was about 17, I practiced karate everyday and was able to achieve full splits after warmup.

I'm 24 now, I haven't done any karate for about 4 years and before I had the rings, any attempt at a split would be very painful. I have now noticed that since my 2 months of wearing the rings that I can now achieve the splits with almost no kind of warmup stretch. The flexibility is amazing and I can now kick higher and better than when I was 17. I just never realized this before.

My theory for this is that flexibility is achieved by stretching with the purpose of increasing circulation to the area stretched. Warmups are usually needed. By wearing the rings, circulation is already very high in all parts of your body so it's only natural that flexibility is acheived. Just an observation.

Posted by Shab Tai    May 17, 2002

I was born on 30 July 1956.  I'll be 46 this summer.

I have never been so flexible as I am now. I use both neo-rings and foot devices
for 10 months now during yoga practice.

I was always healthy, because I am a Fitness & Health Maniac since I was 15.
I don't smoke, don't eat meat, don't sleep too much. HAVE MASSAGE EVERYDAY
and beside daily yoga I spend many hours swimming and running.

I feel and look like 25-28 years old. THE IMMORTALITY DEVICES ARE GREAT, but
I believe you need to have also good diet and daily sport activity if you want to live longer.

You can contact me at my web site

In Tseh -Tel #415 433 0911 Her result is the most successful. She obviously looked younger and younger everyday. When she first moved into our apartment, she looked pale, tired, and old.(40-45) She used my foot braces for three months now and looks younger (28-32) and found a job at a China Town's famous Karaoke bar as a hostess earning $60-$80 per night tips, man! Im jealous. If she does not look nice and young, who the hell in the world is going to hire her?

On May 5, 1997, Mark Freisieg emailed me a very interesting message. Below is the content: From Subject: Are you Jesus Christ? Body: Alex Chiu, I would like to ask you a question. Are you Jesus Christ the second coming? I have read many bible prophecies and prophecies of Norsdadomus and Jeane Dixon. In all of their prophecies stated that there will come a man who gives eternal life to mankind, and that man is you. I have try your rings and used it for 3 months now. It worked, I am becoming younger now. My wrinkles on forehead actually disappeared!! Its wonderful Only one question. Are you Jesus ?? Please explain to me when you have time. Any, Mr.Alex, thank you so much. You have brought mankind a wonderful , unbeatable jpgt.

I thank him for his reply. The answer is: I am an inventor.

Tanya Anthony, Tel (212) 757 5641

She said the rings and foot braces made her feel much fresher and younger. Her face started to grow back to the way how she used to look.

From Matt Hill
Date February 16, 1999
Alex, You must be shocked to see that your rings killed my wife since they are known as a device which gives eternal life. But before you get too worried, let me just say that she never wore the rings, I did. I am a 54 year old, fat, balding white guy. I saw the ads for your rings and said to myself, "No way. This guy's full of crap. I bet he just throws some nails and a board in a box and then expects you to figure out how to assemble everything." Nope, for just half of my weekly salary at the bowling alley, I got your braces and rings. I wore them for a few nights and just started feeling lots better. My wife was incredibly jealous. She wanted a pair of her own, but I told her that I wasn't finished with them yet. So I wore them for a week or so more and then started letting her wear them. But the first night I was helping her put them on, I was holding her foot and slipping the brace over her toes. I started noticing her legs... how smooth they were and how beautiful she still was, even without the rings. I hadn't felt anything like it in years, Al. She sort of smiled at me, wondering what had come over me and without any words, I grabbed her and started kissing her deeply. She was shaking the whole time... and as my manroot began to get stimulated, I was shocked because it just kept going! Al, you wouldn't believe it... my shriveled weenie had slowly shrunk over the years. I hadn't had a sex drive since I was about 45. It was terrible, but Al, with those rings, I swear ol' winkey was at least 3 inches longer than he usually was! Anyway, we had one of the most wonderful nights of our lives. Unfortunately, after 7 hours of passionate love making, Marge died in extacy. She just shuddered in my arms and then died. I couldn't figure out what had happened at first, but then I knew. I just cried... I cried for my loss and the loss she had without your rings! Perhaps if I had gotten her a pair too, then she would have been strong enough to ride me the way she did. Please Alex, put my name and telephone number on your webpage along with this letter so that people can be warned of the strength of your rings and magnets. Al, these things are amazing and people should know that they can make you younger than you have ever felt in your life and give you a youthful strength unlike any you could have ever known before. Be warned! If you are using rings and braces and your spouse is not, you may be overtaken by pheremones and in a rowdy shag, he or she will have their heart explode in joy. Thank you for your time Al, and thanks for the life changing invention. As for me, I'm getting a new start on life. I've always wanted to go to Vegas... I hear there's lots of luck to go around and beautiful women as far as the eye can see. Things are starting to happen to me now, Al. I'm a changed man... someday, I will rule the world. -Malachai P. Hill 6660 Red St. Arkabutla, Mississippi 32749 (310) 867-5309

From: "David Raney"
Subject: eternal life question
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 22:44:24 PST


I recently purchased your eternal life rings for my health. I am 31, in
good health. I have studied Chinese philosophy, Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Gung
for about 4 years now. Your devices enhance my chi gung and meditation
practice. The chi in my hands and toes feels stronger.
My learning about Chi Gung has come mostly from books and seminars by
Mantak Chia of Healing Tao in New York, and Yang Jwing-Ming in Boston. I am
wondering about why the rings work most effectively on the smallest finger.
I know from my studies that the little finger is associated with the heart
meridian, and also I believe with the spirit, or shen, and the heart/mind,
or hsin. Could the rings work best because of a relationship with shen or
hsin? Also I notice that the smallest finger actually contains two
meridians-- the heart and small intestine, which represent yin and yang of
the fire element. Could it also be the rings work better on a digit that
contains both yin and yang energy?
Eternally grateful and curious,
David Raney

I have given a pair of your eternal rings to my co-worker, an Indian post-doctoral fellow who saw you on Channel 39 talk show. She commented that you looked very serious and confident on TV. She would like to try out the rings. Since I got a couple of extra pairs at home, I just gave her a pair. It seems that your TV appearance increases your popularity and brings you more new customers. I just thought it would be a good idea for me to write you a few lines of testimony to support you. Here is what you can post on the web: Alex, I have been wearing your rings for about two years now. Although I was very skeptical at first, I did try it out occasionally. I have noticed that it is difficult for me to fall asleep after wearing it due to the increased blood circulation. I only cover my body with a thin blanket at night as I did during my military training. In those boot camp days, I usually woke up in the morning with a stuffy and running nose. But now, I no longer feel cold at night when wearing the rings. I believe the rings have similar effect as the meditation does. Meditation unblocks the strength and clears one's mind, the very same results I received after wearing your eternal rings. I think your rings does work in anti aging and boost one's potential biological energy. I am attaching a picture of me taken on February 19, 1999 to show you that even at age 28, I still look like 21. My picture is at I only wear your rings when I am very stressed out from work. That is about twice a month. If I wear them everyday, I might look even younger as you claim that this device is anti aging.

Thank you,

Richard     415-664-4729

richard.jpg (18413 bytes)

Mr. Chiu, I recently purchased some of your “Eternal Life Devices” and I wanted to share with you and your customers how they have changed my life. I used to be a very powerful man. Then on one dark day back in 1972, I was critically wounded while I was out shopping for some oranges at the local fruit stand. I was seriously debilitated and confined to a wheelchair. Everything about my life at that point had changed. I was unable to do the things that I used to enjoy. I wanted to find my attackers and ask them, “What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?” I felt awful because I had been so careless that day. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless, but not men. That was when I heard of your Eternal Life Devices. At first, I thought they were a hoax. Then I read the many testimonies from your customers and found that surely that many people cannot be wrong. Since your offer for eternal life was so cheap, I decided that it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I purchased your “Eternal Life” Rings and Foot Braces and started to use them. After only two weeks, I started feeling livelier, and started to have a different outlook on life. At first the changes were subtle, but after continued use, I found that sensation returned to my legs, and shortly thereafter, I was able to walk for short distances! I don’t know how to thank you. You have changed my life in so many ways. I enjoy things more than I ever did. I like to drink wine more than I used to. (I understand that it’s good for you.) Anyway, I'm drinking more. I am also able to spend more time with my family. Do you spend time with your family? Because I have come to find out that a man that doesn't spend time with his family, can never be a real man. My grandson also wants to thank you. Because of your devices, I have recovered so much energy that I can play with my grandson in our tomato garden in the yard. Next month, I am planning on visiting relatives in Sicily, which is something that I have not been able to do in over 27 years. Bless you, Mr. Chiu. You have really saved my life. Vin Colomn 404-867-5309

Casey Brigham, Tel (805) 255-9387

Apparently became physically younger after five days of usage of the Eternal Life Rings. No more bags under the eyes, smoking doesn't affect him anymore. Feeling younger and healthier. Thought it was his own imagination when starred into the mirror! He then placed an order for the Eternal Life Foot Braces.


Subject: Another Order
Date: Friday, March 13, 1998 4:16 AM

Hello again Alex.
If you still have my cc details could i please order another pair of the finger rings. My mother has been using them over the last day and a half and is now wanting me to get her a pair.

I must say just using them the first night I noticed a lot. The following day it was almost like going to work after being on drugs. I bad that much energy. The following night my mother had used them and regreat handing them to her as that morning i was~nt the same energetic person as i was the day before.

Also Alex i never mentioned to you, but i was born with six fingers on each hand. I had them removed when i was a young kid, and am now left with scars on my two little fingers. I look forward to seeing the long term result of the scars in the later time.

Could you confirm with me that the order is ok and that you still have my details. Thanks.

David Watt.

From: Benjamin Turpin
Subject: The Rings of Life

Thank you for the Rings of Life. I feel sorry for all the people who
won't listen to reason and try these rings. I can't figure out how they
work but they do! I feel as healthy as when i graduated from highschool
because of wearing the rings. i find it difficult to use the foot braces
at night. The rings work so well that i have started playing golf again
and a bit of the old " pinch and squeal" you know.

Thanks again mr.Chui,

you saved my life!

Ben Turpin

Dear Alex. I am updating you on my contiuned use of your finger rings. I have now used them for (if i can remember =) 5 months i think. maybe even 6. who knows. Anyway, i have always worn them apart from just one week when i got lazy. Before i started using your rings as i told you i got really be acne. So bad i had contiuned to try differnent methods and tablets. Nothing had worked. Since using your rings my face has never been better. My real father who i do not oftern see has always mentioned how good my face looked when i visited him and his family. Its so good to be able to go into the bathroom and poor cold water over my face and acually feel it so smooth over my face. its great.

I might seem to get just one or two acne spots now and then, but they seem to go very quick within a day or two. really amazing. Ive also noticed my hair has grown very fast. and gotten very full (thick) I have always worried about going bald and losing my hair. I kept worrying about it alot, and im only 20 years of age. Im just hoping that the rings will stop just that. Maybe the foot braces would be very good for this, which ive yet to buy from you. I will do so when i save my money.

Alex. I have done my best to tell people about your eternal life device. It has been really hard. I now understand what you must go through with people telling you your nuts. Well thats just what my family and friends tell me. It sure is sad. Well the way i look at it is that when they grow very old they will finally look at me and realise i was right all along. I even tell them that the rings have cleaned up my face, they just think its just my age. However i just KNOW it isnt. The only hard thing about being able to not age, is that everyone around me incl my family and friends are going to age and one day die. and this will be very hard to watch. Im loving your rings very much. I have also found im dreaming a lot to at night. very incredable. Thanks Alex. Your definalty the best. Keep up your hard work!!! David. A friend in New Zealand.

Don J. S. Adams

Don Adams has tried my Foot Braces for three months already and is very satisfied with them. He reported increase in healing and energy. He said that his focus at work is aroused by wearing the foot braces while working. He believe that he is turning physically younger and younger everyday. You can email him.

Subject: Re:Re: Global peaceDate: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 15:31:30 EDT

Whats your plan on getting out of this, if it happens?
Oh and is this entirely your prediction, it is not specifically mentioned in the

By the way, been using the rings, the normal ones for almost a month now. I was
suprised because I felt the effects (very obvious effects) like almost instantly
after putting them on, I did have big problems falling asleep with them in the
beginning, but I seem to have gotten used to it now because I sleep very good.
Aswell as exactly every day I wake up, Im able to you know open my eyes wide
open at once and just walk up with no problems. Thats something which is very
unusual for me. Skin problems I have seems to go away, it seems to affect the
stomach too in a good way. A few days ago I started to have these weird feelings
in my eyes, but my sight seemed to actually get better, it seems to improve just
slightly every day now. I've had glasses since I was 6, Im
19 now.
This seems like more than a coincidence because my eye vision was just getting
*worse* before I got the rings (nearsight problems,astigmatism).
Well I'll let you know if they actually do get better, as for now I'll stop
blabbing and end this letter. :)

Kind Regards

* Carl Johan *

From: Sarbjit Khalsa
Subject: rings
Date: Tuesday, March 17, 1998 3:39 PM

Hey, these things are great. I've only had 'em on a week now and my stomach muscles are tightening up and overall I'm feeling much stronger too. Thanks a lot.

From: mark urban
Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 12:29 PM

Dear Alex,

Something is working. I got the rings and foot magnets about five days ago. Within two days, 1 no longer felt as bloated afier eating as I once did. I am 42. Age is beginning to take its toll; however, I do feel better. I don't know whether it is the rings or the delicious possibility that immortality is within man's reach.

Please tell me the genesis of your rings. Your website shows pictures of you from 19 to 27. You and I both know that you are much too young to be a good anecdotal source for the effectiveness of your devices; however, do I detect that you may have actually aged yourself prematurely when you were 19 or 20 because of experiments with the magnetic configuration?Is this so?

One other thing: you come across as a nice young man; however, if you want to gain the trust and belief of others, put a lid on the religious aspects of your cosmological orientation and the goo~ artwork, and, don't take this in any negative way, improve your grammar, spelling and use of idiom.

Good luck. May you achieve immortality. And may the FDA be confounded in any attempts to demonize your good work.


Mark Urban

From:    John Pacifico   Date:      Tuesday, March 17, 1998 10:14 AM

Alex, I recently received your Eternal Life Rings and have really felt energy
moving to my head when I use them. I was surprized that such small magnets could do that. The energy even felt somewhat like a kundalini activation ~vith the energy coming up my spine.

I have run across magnets about the same size as the ones you use in your Eternal Life Rings but are much stronger. 1 sent you some information in the mail you should receive it this week about those super magnets. I would be interested In your thoughts about whether they would work better than the magnets you are using now for the Rings.

Also are you still using the ESP Power Train II? I have put one together and use it everyday and I think I'm starting to get more activitiy in my frontal lobes. 1 hope that some type of psychic activitiy will soon take place. Are you still using this device and how long have you been using it? Ilave you had any recent psychic experiences with your device?  Thanks for your time, I look forward to your responses. Sincerely, John Pacific

From: Gunnar Furrow
Subject:  The Immortality Rings Work!!!  AND IM NOT KIDDING!!!!

I recently recieved the Normal Immortality rings and when I put them on, I felt my body being surged with magnetic forces. I went to sleep with the rings and when I got up I felt so alive. I took them to school and I showed it to everyone and showed them the manual and everything that came in the package I got and they are all intrested in getting their own, I have a friend who said if I could give him my Normal Immortality rings and braces when I get the Neodymium rings and braces for myself. Well if any people are reading this testomonial, I have to tell you this. "Get the devices! I am really recommending it to you, I just used the device for 1 day and I see results already! I'm using them right now and so far I feel young and really energized. They are really great to wear at school!

Gunnar Furrow

From    Sept 17th, 2002

Hi, I invite you to read this, you have nothing to loose...
One day I was visiting my yahoo group, when I saw "An eternal life device". I had nothing to do, so I read... I enter to the page and I saw that you can get those rings for free. If you look quietly the web page you can see that this isn't a lie. At first, I thought this was very ridiculous, but then when I watch how it works I started to believe, so I asked a biologist (my teacher)that all the information about how it works it's true. Also this invention has a US patent, the FDA hasn't stopped his business, and he also describes how to make your own device for free!
I'm fromm Argentina, and I got my rings for free, so think: If this wouldn't be true, why would he send 2 pairs of rings to another continent and spend a lot of money on shipping?
However, this rings allow you to live forever, unless you get killed, but you won't die by natural causes. I recieved my rings 3 months ago, and my father used them since then. Now his hair started to grow again with his natural colour, he isn't a white-haired man anymore. He started to loose weight, acne, wriskles, scars,etc.

age 76 .age 79

Chiu Tao Chin, a Chinese medicine Doctor, has tried my Foot Braces for one year already. He gladly submitted me two photos of his. The left photo is from 3 years ago. And the right photo is now. He has became younger than before, and his energy and immune system boosted. For example, one year ago he would turn on the heater and cover himself with heavy blankets while watching TV during a 80 degree hot summer night. Now he doesn't feel cold anymore and just wear a thin shirt like everyone else. Before he only had white hair. NOW BLACK HAIR STARTED TO GROW!! You have to call this guy to talk to him! (415)585-3825

From: Karl Erik Bjxrnhaug

Subject: Re: Questions.
Date: Friday, March20, 1998 2:52 AM

Well, I do feel more energized and ready for work in the mornings. 1 haven' t used the rings more than 3 weeks as of yet. I am 27 year old and didn't have any special scares or the like, but I have some rinkles in my forehead which I would like to eliminate.In your post it stood it could take a few months before one would notice anything; is that 2 or 3 months?


I have a guest who wrote to me: Alex - very interesting page. I was looking at your proof section, and I find it intriguing. But tell me, what are the side effects of these things? Any? All I see is positive commentary. There is always two sides to every thing. I'd like to see some of the side effects posted if any. Muad'Dib - Friday, August 01, 1997 at 20:29:33 (EDT)

The side effects are: Shorter people (4 foot tall or a little taller) find that with my rings on, they will have difficulty going to sleep. They said that they felt tremendous energy boost while sleeping and therefore kept them awake for at least half an hour before they can really relax. But taller people did not report to me any side effects and have no trouble with the rings at all. My good friend, a 6 foot tall German fellow, sleeps quite well even with the foot braces PLUS the rings on. My suggestion is: for shorter people, sleep half an hour more. Wear my rings or foot braces until you get used to it. Its like wearing contact lens. At first, its not so comfortable. But you will get used to it. One little lady told me that at first, she felt tremendous amount of energy boost at night which kept her awake for awhile. But as she insisted on using the rings every night for a week, she felt nothing after that. Its worth it though. Because the energy boost is what's curing your damaged body cells. The energy boost is what's keeping you young or turning you young. Its like a battery for the human body. My device charges you with Chi energy every night so that you can become younger, not older. Also, if your blood circulation is bad, you will feel great amount of power thrusting through your entire body. It's only curing you, thats all. If you have injuries or diseases, you will notice the incredible energy thrust washing your injuries or damages away. But as I say, its all worth it. You are getting younger for that. If you purchase some medicine, and you don't feel any difference, why use it?

It would be my honor to receive permission to post your testimony on this page. Please contact me if you would like to testify for me after using the eternal life device. Thank you.

This picture was taken when I was 19, at a friend's high school graduation. I am the one on the left. People that time said that I look like 25.


19 years-old

at the age of 21
This picture was taken right after I came back from Japan, at the age of 21. Yack! I look ugly that time. I know, I know. I don't want to show you this picture. But in order to proof my case, I must.

This picture is when I was 25.

This is me at 26.

Alexpic.jpg (4352 bytes)

Me at the age 28!

22head.jpg (9096 bytes)

  This is me at age 31!  Compare to my photo at 19.

For my religious friends out there, below is a script from the bible:

Everlasting life will be on earth, for men and women whose bodies will be changed to be immortal. (Matthew 5:5; I Corinthians 15:53-54; Philippians 3:20-21). A bible prophecy