The Immortality Rings basically increase the Chi flow of your entire body.

The magnets that you place at a specific area of your body penetrate and channel the Chi flow to that specific area, so that area can heal faster.

Let's say you have cateract.  (Cateract is a disease which causes your lens to turn white blocking your vision.)  Many people reported that their cateracts have been cured by just wearing the rings.  I think that cateract is easy to cure because cateract is caused by poor blood circulation.  Once the blood circulation problem has been cured by the rings, cateract also disappears.  That's why so many users of the rings and the foot braces also reported that diabetes has been cured, asthma has been cured, heart disease has been cured, cholesterol have been lowered, etc.  So based on the testimonials, I believe that any disease which is caused by poor blood circulation can easily be cured by wearing just the rings.

But some diseases or handicaps are very difficult to cure because they are not caused by blood circulation problem.  Let's say you damaged your eye in a motorcycle accident.  The accident left a 2 milimeter scar on your retina, and your vision has been cut off due to that 2 milimeter scar on your retina.   I don't think that the scar will immediately disappear if you only wear the rings or apply magnets near your eye.   retina.gif (27468 bytes)

The Immortality Rings can only help your cells heal up to a certain point.  They cannot help your cells heal up 100%.  But even a 2 milimeter scar in your eye can cause permanent blindness.  We need something that can help you achieve 100% healing so that you will be able to see again!

Hand1.gif (5025 bytes)

1. Handicaps, deformation, and disfigurement can be cured.  For example, if this patient's legs are deformed and are too hard to readjust with the Immortality Devices, I believe I have another technology to cure it. 2. An alternating magnetic coil can be placed at the deformed area or damamged area to speed up the healing.  (Alternating magnetic coil is coil with alternating current running through it.)  Immortality Devices heal, but this way, the healing becomes many times faster.

Hand2.gif (6077 bytes)

3. How come placing an alternating magnetic coil near the handicapped area will speed up the healing?  Well, imagine if you want to pull open a stucked drawer.  It doesn't open if you just keep on pulling it straight forward.  4.  But it opens so easily if you shake it to the left and to the right as you pull.  All it needs is a little vibration.

no-thru.gif (48521 bytes)

5. Look at the animated picture above.  If there is a scar, the energy can't pass through the scar area. Please wait to see picture move.  Since energy can't travel through the damaged area (scar area), the damaged area becomes weaker and weaker, and can easily be damaged some more because there is no magnetic flux to protect the area.  For example, if you sprang your ankle a lot, your ankle becomes weaker as you age.  Then you will be springing your ankle a lot more, because your ankle starts to lose it's magnetic flux.  The attraction of cells weakens.  Then your chances of damaging your ankle also increase.


Alternating Magnetic Coil
coil.gif (2749 bytes)
shake.gif (71425 bytes)

6. Look at the animated picture.  Using AC magnetic coil can shake the scar through!  The scar is the one that blocks the flow of the energy.  If the scar is too large, it's hard to clear it off using only the Eternal life Device.  So we must shake it off using alternating electro-magnetic power.  Remember if the drawer cannot be pulled open, you have to shake it open.  The same technique applies here.  The energy from the Immortality Device is the puller, and the AC magnetic coil is the shaker.  Please wait to see the animation move.

This is no longer a theory.  I have built magnetic coils and tested them.  They do work as described above.   All handicaps known are caused by blockades similar to the one described in the picture.   So in the future, this technology will be used to cure all handicaps.



Alternating Magnetic Coil
coil.gif (2749 bytes)

7.  With the help of AC magnetic coil, cells realign themselves much faster.   So damaged area reheals much faster.  Say if there is a tumor in your brain which cuts off the blood circulation to your eyes, and you become blind, the AC magnetic coil can be used to shake the tumor away.  The Immortality Device is the puller, and the AC coil is the shaker.   Same theory applies to all other handicaps.   Using just the Immortality Device could take you forever to cure these serious handicaps.  But add a little shake to the pull and you will get the job done in time.