Disclaimer:  This page only shows you how I have done my experiment.  I did not tell anyone to build the coil.  Don't do this at home.

   I have been building and testing magnetic coils for nearly 13 years already.  I have built more than 20 different models.  The earliest models are usually very simple and run on 24 volt.  The latest models are all high wattage and run on 115 volt.  As I experimented, I realized that only a high wattage coil can help heal damaged cells.

Introducing, the Chi-Turbine 2004!!!

I am so confident of this new magnetic coil that I have made, I am now publicizing this technology.  US PATENT # 5,989,178.
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The coil is oval shaped.  The 2 poles do not touch the head but are just 1/2 inches away from the 2 sides of the head.  The resistence is 12 Ohm.  The voltage is 115, and it is around 1100 watts in normal operation.  Two ropes hang the coil from a wooden hanger.  I covered the rod with sand paper as insolent.  Then I wrapped the magnetic wire on top of the sand paper.  I didn't use rubber pipe as insolent because a thick rubber pipe will cause too much energy leak.  Sand paper is very thin and won't cause much energy leak.  (I need to have as much magnetism as possible to go into the rod.  Sand paper is thin and is a good choice.  Rubber pipe is too thick and will block lots of magnetism.)

If you want to treat blindness, deafness, dumbness, brain damage, etc, you hang this machine on top of your head.  (See the picture above.)  If you want to heal your knee, you hang it on top of your knee.  The 2 poles do not touch your knee but are just 1/2 inches away from the 2 sides of the knee.

A user must hang this oval coil above the injured area for around 3 minutes before going to sleep.  Do not use this machine more than 3 minutes per session.  Of course one must lie down on the bed to do this.  One must wear the Regular Immortality Rings when one uses the magnetic coil, or else the coil will not work properly.  (The rings are the puller, and the coil is the shaker.   One cannot function without the other.)  One must not use this coil more than 3 times a week.  Overdose of this machine on one's head can cause serious eye irritation, runny nose, or severe asthma. 

After 3 minutes of usage, turn the machine off and lie flat on your bed.  Keep your Immortality Rings on.  Then you should be able to feel constant powerful healing for 30 to 60 minutes.  Do this once every 2 days the most.   Do not do this everyday!

You must eat lots of green vegetables and enough meat (or protein).  If you don't eat properly, this machine won't work properly.

I use #22 red color nylon coated magnetic wre which I purchased from EIS Electrical .  I DON'T USE REGULAR WIRE because regular wire's rubber coating will melt as the coil becomes hot during operation.  I use magnetic wire because magnetic wire has high temperature-proof coating.

I bought a threaded steel rod so that I can screw bolts at the ends of the rod.  Then I bent the rod into an oval using a metal pipe bender which I bought in Home Depot.  I have bolt 2 steel plates on both ends of the rod. 

I built a wooden hanger which will hang the coil so that the coil can hang above the injured area.

Healdeaf.gif (14790 bytes)

The latest model of the alternating magnetic coil enhances the healing of the immortality devices up to almost 20 times, and without question, it worked great. The coil, if placed near the area where extra healing is needed, will grant tremendous amount of boost to open up the blood circulation which aids the healing process.

The healing caused by this coil is indescribable!!!

Jammed and clogged area which cannot be opened up for years will suddenly open up allowing blood to circulate.  Old scars which might take you more than 10 years to eliminate by using just the Immortality Rings will reduce in size within a few days if you have the electromagnetic coil.


In the near future, this technology will surely be used to heal all handicaps. (lame, deaf, blind, etc.)  I am so sure that a blind person will be able to see again and a deaf person can hear again if this technology is available in the hospitals.  All they have to do is do what I did described on this page. 

As I was saying, the Immortality Rings cannot heal up your cells 100%.  Only this machine has that capability.  And the only way to cure your handicap is to heal your cells 100%.  Your cell structure must grow back to the way how it was before your injury occured.  If your cells do not heal back 100%, your handicap may not be healed.  A very serious handicap could be caused by a single damaged nerve cell.  YES!  ONE SINGLE NERVE CELL CAN MAKE YOU A HANDICAP FOR LIFE!!!   If that nerve cell does not heal back, your handicap cannot be cured.   Therefore, I say 100% of cells must be healed.


Testimonail from John Anderson of England:

Dec. 14th 2002

Dear Alex:

I have been using your rings and your magnetic coil device, and this is what I have to report after 1 month of usage of the coil. 

10 years ago, I was diagnosed with cone shaped cornea in my right eye.  Cone shaped cornea means that my cornea is not round but is more like a cone.  This disease will blind a person because you cannot wear glasses nor can you wear contact lens due to your cornea is distorted.  The doctor told me the only way to correct my cornea is to surgically cut out my cornea and sow a new one back on.  So I would need a cornea transplant.  I also have cataract in my right eye.  If I stare into the mirror, I can tell that my right eye has a lighter color than my left eye.

I cannot watch TV because the radiation from TV will worsen my cornea's disease.   I also cannot view a computer screen.  But who can live without computer and TV?  So I decided to bear the pain and practice to watch TV and view the computer screen.  Who knows?  I might get used to it.

The most terrible thing has happened.  After a few month of watching TV and viewing the computer screen, my left eye also started to develop the cone shape cornea disease.  This horrified me so much!  I am about to turn completely blind!   I wear hard lens on my left eye.  Ever since the cone shape cornea started to develop in my left eye, my left eye hurts like hell because my cornea is changing it's shape.  I am about to loose my contact lens for my left eye.  What am I to do?   Do I now need a cornea transplant for both eyes?

But when I was using the computer, I accidentally found your web site.  I have read about your finger rings and about your magnetic coil.  So I purchased a set of rings from you.  The rings propeled so much blood into my right eye that my cataract disappeared within 1 month.  So the color of my right eye is now the same as my left eye.  But the rings did not help my cone shape cornea which is now developing in my left eye too.

So I decided to build the coils that was suggested in your web site.  I have built a coil according to your instruction and have hung the coil right above my eyes.  I hang it horizontally; one end faces my left eye while the other end faces my right eye.   This way, the magnetic flux will circulate from one eye to the other generating a more assured result.

The moment I turned on the switch, I felt healing in my left eye's cornea.  The distorted cornea seems to be growing back.  The cornea gets better and better each night.  Then finally, the cone shape cornea disappeared in my left eye after one month of usage of the coil.  My right eye also felt tremendous healing.  But that will take longer because the cone shape cornea in my right eye has been developing for 10 years already.  Maybe I need to use the coils for 1 or 2 years in order to completely heal my right eye.  I tell you, I was amazed when my left eye was saved by your coil.  You are one amazing man!

Doctor said that cone shape cornea is just like a tumor of the eye.  If your coil can heal cone shape cornea, I believe that it can also make a tumor disappear.  This beats going to the hospital and have tumor surgically removed because if surgeons don't do a good job, the tumor cells can escape to other parts of the body and develop tumors elsewhere making you die faster.  Based on my healing experience, I know that this magnetic coil can also heal up nerve damage and bone/ligament damage.  So I believe that all handicaps can be healed by using your invention. 

And at the end, I would like to say that I admire your work and will always spread the word for you.  Your work and your ideas will benefit mankind forever.  Have a nice holiday.

John Anderson



Other uses of the alternating magnetic coil

I believe if a person lost his leg, we can sow the leg back on.  Few doctors have already successfully done this.  But the problem is nerves are hard to reheal.  There is no guarantee if the leg is attached back on to the person, the person can actually walk again.  Nobody can guarantee that the nerves will reheal.  Therefore this technology is still at the infantry stage.  But I believe that the alternating magnetic coil can help the nerves reheal. It's just that the coils are so strong, I think they can even force the nerves to reheal.

sowback.gif (11250 bytes)

The reason why only using the Immortality Rings or Foot Braces is not strong enough to cure handicaps is because the handicapped area is severely damaged.  In order to pop open the circulation in these areas, vibration is needed.  Therefore the alternating coil should be applied aiding the Immortality Devices to cure the handicapped areas.

In the future, magnetic coils will be available in hospitals or in homes to cure the blind, the deaf, and the lame.  Of course these machines must be alternating current, or else they don't work. The wattage, voltage, cooling system, polarity-shift cycles per second, etc. must all be experimented by engineers. (You don't expect Alex Chiu to do everything right? I'm just an inventor.) Based on the healing power given by the working model I have built, I am absolutely sure in the future, handicaps will all be cured this way.  And of course when a user uses this kind of machine, the Immortality Rings or Foot Braces must also be used at the same time.  Without the Immortality Rings/Foot Braces, the alternating magnetic machine could cause you damage instead of healing you. I have explained the reason in a cartoon which comes with the instruction booklet of the rings. (If you did not use my Immortality Device yet, you probably won't be able to understand why handicaps can even be cured. So please use it first before you make any comment.)

If you say, "Ey! Damn Chink! Exposing electromagnetism is harmful to health! Go back to China and be your voodoo doctor there!" I must tell you we Chinese people say, "Use poison to kill poison." What good is life if one is handicapped? I know this will cure the handicaps. We should give it a try. I am not saying the handicaps should live near a power house where millions of watts are exposed into thin air. These machines are the most 220 volts or 100 watts. What noticeable harm can be done?


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