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I have too many youtube videos.  But here are the few most important ones for you to compare how I looked throughout all these years.


This 25 year-old man claims that he used Alex Chiu's rings for 10 years ever since he was 15 and now still looks 15.

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Click here to see a video clip (This is not Youtube) from year 1999.  Alex Chiu was 28 year-old when he was interviewed on the Daily Show with Jon Stwart.

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This video was from year 2009. Alex Chiu was 38 year old.

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How good Alex looks at age 38.

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Alex Chiu's interview by Martin Sargent from the show Unscrewed (2004)

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I was arrested in 2010 because of my Immortality Rings.

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Alex Chiu still selling the rings at 47 year-old.  (2018)

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