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How to constuct an UFO.

Many people think that an UFO is probably propelled by some kind of antigravity magnetic motor. I have a totally different thinking. I believe that an UFO is propelled by jet engine. UFO's gyroscopic body rotates and serves as its wing to keep UFO's body balanced in the air.  Hopefully everyone knows what a gyroscope is. Below is a gyroscope. (Please wait for the picture to move.)

Picture of a gyroscope

A gyroscope defies gravity. It could stand on a support tilting 90 degrees and would not fall down. I believe that an UFO's saucer shaped body is actually a big gyroscope which rotates endlessly to keep the UFO balanced in the air.

The UFO's center does not rotate. The UFO's center consists
of the control room (cockpit), the fuel tank, and the jet engines.

Picture of the control center

Only the outer part rotates. The outer part is the saucer of the UFO. The saucer of the UFO serves as the gyroscope and also as the wing of the UFO to keep it balanced in the air. Remember that the center of the UFO does not rotate. Only the outer part of the vehicle rotates. Please wait for the picture to move.
rotating UFO's outer part
Please wait until the picture moves before continuing.


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