What is inside matter?

Let's see what's inside matter.  First, what is inside this baseball?

baseball.gif (1601 bytes)

To find out what is inside the baseball, let's zoom it up!

baseb2.gif (2444 bytes)    ZOOM

So! There are whole bunch of atoms inside the baseball! Duhh.

baseb3.gif (3215 bytes)

What is inside an atom?  Good question.  Let's ZOOM it up again!

baseb4.gif (6406 bytes) ZOOM the ATOM!!

Wow!  Inside an atom are more little atoms!

baseb3.gif (3215 bytes)

Inside an atom are more little atoms.  Inside a little atom are more little, little atoms!

So, what does an atom look like?  I say it looks pretty much like our solar system or our galaxy.

sun1.gif (2996 bytes)    sun2.gif (7825 bytes)

Why would I say that?  What proof do I hold?

Well, do you know why when metal is heated to the max, it turns bright red?

Red Hot!

Because when energy is given to the matter, the atoms inside are also getting the energy.  According to my theory, there are planets and stars inside an atom.  So when there is more energy, the stars inside an atom becomes HOT!

sun.gif (10500 bytes)This star is becoming hot like Bill Clinton!