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According to testimonials and research data, people are believed to be able to stay physically young forever by using Alex Chiu’s new inventions "The Eternal Life Rings" and "The Eternal Life Foot Braces". The Eternal Life Rings are to be worn on both small fingers of a user during sleep. The Eternal Life Foot Braces are to be worn on all toes of both feet during sleep. Both devices consist of rare earth or ceramic magnets and plastic braces which hold magnets onto the fingers of the user. Alex Chiu explains that the fingers and toes are the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of your body.

Before you start wearing the device, please check the polarity. Make sure that the + side of one ring attracts to the nothing side of the other ring. The + side of one ring should repel the + side of the other ring. And the nothing side should repel the nothing side. If the polarity is not right, please email us or pull the magnets out and insert it back yourself.  The foot braces also have + and nothing sides. The + side of a foot brace should attract the nothing side of another foot brace.

The rings are one-size-fits-all. Figure A shows that there is a small bar inside the ring. If your fingers are small, keep that bar so that the rings will fit your fingers. If your fingers are big, you can break that bar off with a knife or with scissors. (See figure B.)

The side that has the teeth should face outward of the hand. The side that has the one inch bar should face inward, staying between the small fingers and the inner phalanges. That 1 inch bar is there to prevent the ring from rolling around on your finger so that the polarity won’t be screwed up. The rings should be worn on your small fingers. The + side should be on top of your right small finger. The + side should be at the bottom (palm) of your left small finger. Wear the rings during sleep. Wear them when you take a nap in the afternoon. Try to wear them for more than 8 hours a day. Look at the picture which shows the 2 hands. The + side should be at the palm of your left hand.


For the foot brace, there is a sliding toe piece which separates the big toe and the index toe. Once you have found the correct size of your toes, you must glue the toe piece to the brace so that the toe piece won’t move around anymore. The + side of the foot brace should be on top of your right foot. The + side should be at the bottom of your left foot.


Some customers say that the Neodymium rings or the foot braces are too strong for them. When they wear the devices, they feel a surge of energy trying to repair their damaged areas, but healing cannot be distributed to the damaged areas as fast as the energy emitted by the device. Then you should try Wisconsin American Ginseng. The Immortality Device is like gasoline, and American Ginseng is like the motor oil. If the cells are not polarized enough to handle the power emitted from the device, you must polarize your cells with American Ginseng. That’s why American Ginseng can increase the power of the device. American Ginseng, based on many medical researchers, can help wounds and surgery recover faster. We also sell American Ginseng. One pound of American Ginseng powder for just $29.00 plus $5.95 shipping charge. Consume 1 teaspoon of ginseng powder per day. Drop the powder in hot water or in you milk and drink. 2 pounds for just $60, shipping included. Each pound will last about 4 months if you consume 1 teaspoon each day. To order, please call (888) 363-9184. Foreign residents dial (415) 585 - 3825. For more info on American Ginseng, please goto: Visit our home page at: For instruction on how to refund this product, please goto:


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