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Super Chi Flush

Alex Chiu invented this formula himself.

One bottle of Super Chi Flush Powder (1 month supply)

The Immortality Rings re-align and regroup your body faster than it ages.  Therefore it is believed to reverse the aging process.  But if you have a serious handicap or a giant tumor, the rings alone cannot cure you.

Gorgeouspil will maximize the power of the rings by stimulating all cells in your body forcing them to regroup and re-align.  But I find it difficult for Gorgeouspil to open up the extremely critical damages of your body.  Gorgeouspil can help regroup and rebound your backbone because bone and flesh are the easiest to heal.  But delecate Chi blockades in the spinal cord might be difficult for Gorgeouspil to rebound.  The Gorgeouspil energy simply by-passes through the bone and flesh area and might not enter the spinal cord's nerve area. 

That's why Super Chi Flush is created.  

Super Chi Flush's herbal compound is strong enough to break the toughest clogs in your body.  It will send Chi energy into any area of your body.  Super Chi Flush will allow you to feel healing throughout the entire body.  You will feel constant healing for the entire healing session.  (around 2 hours)  So you can enjoy 2 hours of very strong and noticeable 'healing feeling' every night at your most critically blocked area.

Super Chi Flush fights the toughest clogs in the body slowly opening up the blockades which hindered the flow of Chi energy.  The end result is that the entire body's Chi flow will eventually be unclogged.  Could this mean that all handicaps, tumor, herpes, cancer, etc. will all be flushed away by Super Chi Flush?  No medical claim, so you decide.

Super Chi Flush is green-food powder that contains only natural herbs.  Absolutely no side affect.  Super Chi Flush does not work without Gorgeouspil and the Immortality Rings.

Direction of use: Dump 3 teaspoons of Super Chi Flush powder into half a cup of cold or warm water.  Mix well.  Drink it along with Gorgeouspil 20 minutes before you go to bed for healing. 

Ingredient: Lemon peel, Orange peel, tumeric, fenugreek, white pepper, black pepper, dong guay,.

1 bottle of Chi Flush for only $24.

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A bottle of Chi Flush plus a bottle of Gorgeouspil for only $48.

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If you want to buy 3 or more Chi Flush, please see our wholesale price catalog.

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