After months of experimentation, I confirm that Wisconsin American Ginseng does increase the power of Immortality Device.  To people who are handicapped:  Want to get rid of your handicap or improve your situation?  Immortality Device is not powerful enough to cure your handicap?   Using American ginseng with Immortality Device together will increase the power of the device!   powder.jpg (11849 bytes)

Exactly how much more can the American Ginseng increase the power of the Immortality Device?

Let's say if you have a big scar on your leg, and you want it to disappear.   It would take 20 years to let it completely disappear if you only use the Immortality Device.  But if you also eat American ginseng everyday, it might take only 2 years for the scar to disappear.  That's how much more energy it will give you!  If someone punched your face and disfigured your face, it would take 15 or 20 years to correct the disfigurement using just the immortality device.  But if you also eat American ginseng everyday, you might be able to correct the disfigurement within 1 year.  American ginseng, based on Alex Chiu's theory, polarizes your cells.  It gives your cells stronger + and - attraction.  But American ginseng does not work without the Immortality Device.  So ginseng is not a substitute of the device.

I cannot guarantee that American ginseng could cure your handicap.  But this will definitely increase the power of the device. 

Do not buy American ginseng capsules from your local drug store.  The capsules are so expensive (around $18 per bottle, and 1 bottle lasts only 20 days, and they don't really work.)  Buy the real American ginseng root.  Ginseng roots are dried and are very hard for you to chew.  So I recommend you to get ginseng powder.  Also, not all ginsengs are the same.  I recommend only the Wisconsin American ginseng.  Do not confuse this type of ginseng with the Canadian or Korean ginseng.  Other kinds of ginseng might not work.

If you got American ginseng powder, just boil a cup of water, drop 1 teaspoon of powder in the cup, stir, and drink.  Consume 1 teaspoon of American ginseng powder each day.

We sell American ginseng powder.  1 pound of American ginseng powder will last around 4 months if you take 2 teaspoons a day.  It lasts 8 months if you only take 1 teaspoon a day.  We have arranged a deal with a private Wisconsin ginseng grower.  Their ginseng powder is 100% pure American ginseng.  No foreign chemicals are added.  Their ginsengs are all 5 year-old.  (The older, the stronger the effect.)

Here is a testimonial from a ginseng user:

Posted by JV on April 13, 2002:

I have been taking the Ginseng Powder for a week and a half now, while wearing the Neodymium Rings almost all day, every day, and the chi is flowing through my body very smoothly. Alex was right when he said the Ginseng Powder makes getting use to the power of the Neodymium Rings alot easier. I don't feel any resistance. There is no discomfort from healing when you use the rings with the powder.

American Ginseng Powder

$30.50 per pound.
(8 months supply if 1 teaspoon a day)




Ginseng is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 14.   Everything written is belief based on research.