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Here is an example of a person with wrinkle on his forehead (Left picture)
Wrinkle on forehead . .Loose, disordered cells
The wrinkles were caused by the loose, disordered cells of the forehead. The cells are loose and chaotic by the cause of earlier physical damages, (hurt yourself in the forehead.) or by the slowing down of blood circulation from the heart to the forehead. The slowing down of blood circulation is caused by the jamming of cholesterol. When cholesterol piles up at a certain part of the body, the rest of the body parts' blood circulation is affected, causing lack of oxygen and nutrition. Therefore, your whole body ages.

Here is a picture with result from the rings.
Picture of the forehead. . Rigid, ordered cells
The Eternal Life Rings or Foot Braces reunifies your cells freeing the blood circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrition that are allowed to the entire body cells.

For example, people with red sensitive eyes have bad circulation around the eyes causing the redness and even serious vision problems.
Picture of red eyes . .Loose, disordered cells
After using the rings, you could get this!
Picture of beautiful eyes. . Rigid, ordered cells
You can free the blood circulation around the eyes, giving you more beautiful, healthier eyes for others!

Here we have picture of a fat stomach and a fit, slimmer, muscular stomach.
Fat stomach and fit stomach
Rigid, ordered cells  Loose, disordered cells
Same thing. The fit, muscular stomach's secret is -- it has frequent blood, oxygen, and nutrition circulated unified cell structure. And the fat stomach is ugly because its cells are disordered and contaminated. They are inferior, loose cells caused by the lack of nutrition and blood circulation. When there is not enough blood circulation, cells are more easily damaged by outer forces.(Ultra violet rays, free radicals, physical damages, etc.)

Below is a face of a man who was beaten during a fight long time ago. The face is now unstraight and disfigured.
Beat up face. .

After using The Eternal Life Rings or Eternal Life Foot Braces, you can get this, a straighter, cleaner face.
Straighter, cleaner face . Rigid, ordered cells.
Doesn't cleaner, straighter face look a lot younger? You get the picture.

The picture below is an animated GIF. Please wait to see the picture move.

face turning better

Here Here we have an old man's hand. Lots of wrinkle. The skin is dry and contaminated.

Old man's hand . . .

After you have used the rings or the foot braces, you could get this! A clean, young hand.

Young hand

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