Another question. What makes an animal escape from danger? When a small fish sense a big fish coming, it escapes. Who taught them to run for their lives? No one. The negative and positive charges made them advance and retreat automatically.

First of all, your stomach, the acid, is negative. So you are negatively charged. You are to chase after animals which are rich in positive charges. When you sense positive force around you, your body advances automatically. When you sense negative force around you, your body retreats automatically. An animal bigger or more powerful than you must be more negative than you. (Bigger animals have bigger stomach, more acid, more negative.) But remember, you yourself is negatively charged. Therefore you repel from the approaching negatively charged animal. You chase after animals rich in positive charges. Animals smaller than you or weaker than you are more positive than you. See picture below. Please wait to see the picture move.
chase and retreat
In physics, negative energy symbolizes force. Positive symbolizes the weak.