Now why can animals walk or crawl? I know that their stomach made them craw around hunting for food. But exactly who taought them how to crawl? The answer is no one. The frequency between the animal and its prey made it craw. Below is a picture with two magnets and a metal bar. The metal bar is located near the bigger magnet. The bigger magnet represents the hunter, the metal bar represents the leg of the hunter, and the smaller magnet is the prey.
2 magnets and a metal bar
Now check this out. The metal bar will fly to the middle of the two magnets.
metal bar flies to the middle of the 2 magnets
Again, metal bar represents the big magnet's leg. This is how animals start to crawl. Animals' legs and hands are the most conductive parts of their body. Many experiments were done which proved that hands and feet of animals are the most conductive. The more sensitive a body part is, the more conductive it is. My hands are so sensitive that it allows me to play piano and type at extreamely fast speed.

Anyway, next few pictures give you a better view. They show you how an animal learn how to crawl. Here we have a magnet, a metal bar, and a spring which connects the metal bar to the magnet.
metal bar, spring, and a magnet
And here it goes in full motion. Please wait to see the next picture move (animated GIF).
reaching for food